In the News

The Chicago suburb’s premiere newspaper runs a good little piece on the convention. Hard to believe there’s just over two weeks to go… AdeptiCon 2023 returns to the Schaumburg March 22-26 Meet Chicago Northwest is welcoming AdeptiCon back to the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center March 22-26. The gathering is the world’s premier war gaming convention, […]

Guess Who’s Back?

Saturday! Saturday!!! Saturday!!!!!! Bitz Trading is back at AdeptiCon! Yes, You read that right! Be prepared to bring in the piles and piles of gaming stuff you’ve accumulated over the year and give it a new home. We will have Bitz Trading in the Marriot Renaissance Wintergarden area on Saturday night from 7:00PM-9:00PM. (Registration starts […]

The Battle for Cathy

As many of you know, this is a cause that is very close and dear to our hearts here at AdeptiCon. We salute the organizers of this fantastic raffle and encourage your participation – you can win some incredible models, while helping a very good and long-time friend of AdeptiCon. Join The Battle for Cathy […]

AdeptiCon 2023 Limited Edition Miniature

Don’t turn around…The Commissar’s in town! Check out this amazing and characterful, limited edition model sculpted by the very talented Patrick Keith. Don’t miss your chance to add this Victoria Miniatures model to your collection. Your troops might just think twice about running… Hi, I am pleased to preview the Adepticon 2023 Limited Edition Miniature. […]

Poker Night Returns!

Presented by the great folks at Dorkdom Gaming, AdeptiCon Poker Night is proverbial the cherry on the sundae that is the con! From Dorkdom… Welcome to the the return of poker night at AdeptiCon. A five-hour long poker experience with some of your closest friends and a couple of your biggest rivals. You can expect […]

Registration Opens Today at 1PM CST!

A Reminder that Registration Opens Today, January 8th at 1:00 CST. Use one of the following links to begin registration on January 8th at 1:00pm CST: We would advise NOT visiting this website to find the registration link. That server is separate from the registration system and is not designed to handle […]