AdeptiCon 2022 Hotel Registration Date and Rates Announced, New Venue Added

We here at AdeptiCon hope everyone is enjoying a safe and relaxing summer, though we’re having trouble with the concept that it’s already August. The time of year when we start looking forward to AdeptiCon and begin ramping up our collective hobby projects. And although we continue to operate in uncertain times, AdeptiCon remains committed […]

Introducing the Ancient Order of AdeptiCon’s Vaunted Archivist

The hallowed halls of the Ancient Order are preternaturally quiet, yet the very perceptive will immediately recognize the shadowy presence of the Order’s chief curator. Adept-Archivist Epsilon 16309++ Tertiary is the Grand Tabulator and Keeper of the Honoured Rolls. His primary function, as it has been for a thousand years, is to maintain the Order’s […]

Golden Demon Returns to the US at AdeptiCon 2022

It is with immense pride that we can officially announce the return of the Golden Demon painting competition to AdeptiCon. The world’s most prestigious hobby contest returns, like a phoenix, to North America’s most prestigious hobby event. From Games Workshop… Golden Demon Returns to the USA We’re delighted to announce that Golden Demon will be […]