Kat Lidyanova Svargan Aerospace Pilot

We are very proud to announce the inclusion of Kat Lidyanova in this year’s swag bag. Sculpted by the talented Victoria Lamb, a metal version of this awesome character will be found in every bag. Both metal and resin versions will be available at the Victoria Miniatures booth for anyone looking for additional models. “Kat […]

Kill Team Updates

Before you board your assault pods, activate your Webway gates, or rally your hybrid kin in the deepest bowels of the Hive, you really need to take a look at the latest AdeptiCon Kill Team Event Guide. With all the latest rules in play for AdeptiCon, including rules from Arena, this update is invaluable information […]

Standing Out from the Swarm

The Separatist Alliance’s Vulture-class droid fighters are manufactured to precise specifications and—in most cases—it’s impossible for Republic pilots to distinguish individual ships from the larger swarm. But soon, attendees of AdeptiCon 2019 will have the chance to make their Vulture droids stand out from the rest of the pack. Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce the Limited Edition Vulture-class Droid Fighter […]