AdeptiCon Health and Safety Guideline Updates (02.25.2022)

With the current trend in COVID cases continuing to fall, and in consultation with local and state health authorities, along with the convention venue and hotel, we can make some changes to our 2022 policy and guidelines. AdeptiCon will maintain our vaccination requirements put in place at the start of registration. Proof of vaccination will […]

AdeptiCon 2022 Key Dates

Winter is upon us, which means spring and the glorious return of AdeptiCon is that much closer. Planning, event scheduling, and logistics for 2022 have been challenging, for a myriad of reasons, and after a two-year deferment, much of the process has taken longer than would’ve been ideal. These challenges not only affected the convention, […]

Introducing the Ancient Order of AdeptiCon’s Vaunted Archivist

The hallowed halls of the Ancient Order are preternaturally quiet, yet the very perceptive will immediately recognize the shadowy presence of the Order’s chief curator. Adept-Archivist Epsilon 16309++ Tertiary is the Grand Tabulator and Keeper of the Honoured Rolls. His primary function, as it has been for a thousand years, is to maintain the Order’s […]