The Resin Beast is Back!

From our good friends at Para Bellum Games… This year the Resin Beast includes Para Bellum Games, Creature Caster, and Bestiarum Miniatures, together for one amazing contest. Registration is open! There is $21,000 USD in cash prizes, as well as merchandise, gift cards, and goods from our sponsors – all up for grabs. For Resin […]

Event Spotlight: Taking a Closer Look at ‘The Worthy’

Over its 20 plus years, AdeptiCon has played host to myriad painting competitions, showcasing mind-boggling artistry. In 2023, Atomic Mass Games throws their hat into the ring by debuting ‘The Worthy‘ – a Marvel Crisis Protocol themed painting competition that rewards hobbyists for being on a path towards better painting. Utilizing an Open system, with […]

A Brush With Death!

Mantic Games joins the growing list of exhibitors hosting painting competitions with their ‘Brush With Death’ event. Hobbyists and fans know that Mantic has released some amazing models, from the pages of ‘Hellboy’ to the sailing ships of ‘Armada.’ Now is your opportunity to showcase your talent and vie for the coveted ‘Brush With Death’ […]

P3 Grandmaster AdeptiCon 2023

Our friends over at Privateer Press have just announced some details about the P3 Grandmaster painting competition at AdeptiCon 2023: Following the success of the first year’s Formula P3 Grandmaster being held at AdeptiCon 2022, players, painters, and fans can anticipate that Privateer Press will be at AdeptiCon 2023, March 22–26, for next year’s competition. […]

The Return of the Beast

Creature Caster and Para Bellum Wargames once again bring their high-octane miniatures painting competition to the halls of AdeptiCon. The Resin Beast has showcased some amazing models and hosted some very talented painters. Known for unique, innovative, and evocative miniatures, Creature Caster and Para Bellum offer the painter and hobbyist a range of subjects, many […]

Golden Demon Winners!

With 500 plus entries, the Golden Demons returned to North America with a triumphant parade of stunning artistry. After years of waiting, the entrants spared no details. The techniques and skill on display at AdeptiCon were some of the most impressive to date. The winners have been posted, so take a second to see which […]

The Return of the King (of Miniatures Painting Competitions)

The Golden Demon, Games Workshop’s miniatures painting competition, is one of the most prestigious and storied contests in the history of the hobby. And there was a time, not long ago, when this legendary competition had U.S. These events were mythic displays of hobby skill and painting talent. But then, alas, a time of darkness […]