AdeptiCon 2025 Dates and New Venue Announcement

With the record-breaking success of AdeptiCon 2024 now in the rearview mirror (like a charging Tyrannosaurus), we’ve been able to focus on finalizing the plans for AdeptiCon 2025. We have appreciated everyone’s patience while we’ve navigated the myriad of challenges that come with making major changes. It will come as little surprise to anyone that […]

AdeptiCon 2024 Celebration Miniature: Grimalrikson Deathstalker

The goblin raiding party halted at the Third Gate, their stealthy approach to the stronghold of their ancient foe had so far met with no resistance. Another few yards and they’d be in position, poised to assault the Dwarves in their own realm. But before their war-leader could order the advance, a sound drifted down […]