AdeptiCon and the Dates of Destiny

Good morning. We hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and that you’re all getting your steps in. Now is typically the time of year, post-Thanksgiving, to start getting serious about your AdeptiCon hobbying, if you haven’t already. To that end, a list of important dates is listed below. These should help you plan and maybe provide some motivation…

Key Dates:

12/08/2023: AdeptiCon 2024 Cart Preview Launch

01/07/2024: AdeptiCon 2024 Registration Opens – 12:00pm CST!

02/05/2024: Option to ship badges closes, also last day for refunds on shipped badges and merchandise

02/26/2024: Registration Closes

03/08/2024: Final day for all refunds, transfers, credits, and waitlist tickets

So mark those calendars well, and look for more news updates soon. And don’t forget to post those in-progress shots of your hobby endeavors on WIP Wednesday.