The AdeptiCon Librarium will be located in the Schaumburg Ballroom for AdeptiCon 2022.

An AdeptiCon Badge is required to check out games.

The AdeptiCon Librarium features games from many our on-site vendors, some of the most popular names in the industry – including GaleForce 9, Fantasy Flight Games, CMON Limited, Privateer Press, Mantic Games, Iron Box Games and Wyrd! There will also be several games from our sponsors, including Asmodee, Days of Wonder, IELLO, Game Salute, Stronghold Games, Plaid Hat Games and more! With well over 275 games (and growing), the Librarium is well-stocked and ready for adventure! New games are being added all the time.

Throughout the weekend there will be friendly and knowledgeable staff at the Board Game Area to answer questions and run games. You will be able to check out games from the Librarium using your AdeptiCon Badge. Games will be loaned on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to availability.

Game NamePublisherBGG Link
1775: American RevolutionAsyncron GamesBGG Link
4 GodsAsmodeeBGG Link
7 WondersAsmodeeBGG Link
7 Wonders BabelAsmodeeBGG Link
7 Wonders CitiesAsmodeeBGG Link
7 Wonders DuelAsmodeeBGG Link
7 Wonders LeadersAsmodeeBGG Link
Age of MythologyEagle-Gryphon GamesBGG Link
Alien FrontiersClever Mojo GamesBGG Link
Among the StarsStronghold GamesBGG Link
Angry SheepIronbox GamesBGG Link
Arcadia questCMON LimitedBGG Link
Article 27Stronghold GamesBGG Link
AsteroydsRio Grande GamesBGG Link
BaKongAsmodeeBGG Link
BanduMilton BradleyBGG Link
Bang! Walking DeadUSAopolyBGG Link
BaronyMatagotBGG Link
BattleloreFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Battlestar GalacticaFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Battlestar Galactica Day Break ExpansionFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Bears!Fireside GamesBGG Link
Beowulf: The LegendFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Beowulf: the Movie Board GameFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Black FleetAsmodeeBGG Link
Black FridayRio Grande GamesBGG Link
Blood Bowl Board GameGames WorkshopBGG Link
Blood Bowl Team ManagerFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Blood Bowl Team Manager: Sudden Death/Foul PlayFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Blood RageCMON LimitedBGG Link
BloodsuckersFireside GamesBGG Link
Blue Cross, White EnsignGMT GamesBGG Link
BolideRio Grande GamesBGG Link
Bomb Squad AcademyTasty Minstrel GamesBGG Link
Bottlecap VikingsTasty Minstrel GamesBGG Link
Ca$h n Gun$AsmodeeBGG Link
Campaign SecretsThe Game Crafter LLCBGG Link
CarcassonneZ-ManBGG Link
Cargo NoirDays of WonderBGG Link
Castle PanicFireside GamesBGG Link
Castles of Mad King LudwigBezier GamesBGG Link
Catan Histories: Settlers of America Trails to RailsMayfairBGG Link
Chaos in the Old World w ExpansionFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Chaos MaraudersFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
CitadelsFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
City of RemnantsPlaid Hat GamesBGG Link
Civilization, Sid MeiersFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Coal BaronR&R GamesBGG Link
Colt ExpressAsmodeeBGG Link
ConceptAsmodeeBGG Link
Confusion: Espionage and Deception in the Cold WarStronghold GamesBGG Link
ContainerValley GamesBGG Link
Cosmic EncounterFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
CoupIndie Boards and CardsBGG Link
Cover Your AssetsGrandpa Becks GamesBGG Link
Crazy Creatures of Dr GloomStronghold GamesBGG Link
Cthulhu RealmsADC Blackfire EntertainmentBGG Link
Cutthroat Caverns BaseSmirk & DaggerBGG Link
Cutthroat Caverns: Fresh Meat ExpansionSmirk & DaggerBGG Link
Cutthroat Caverns: Reputation DeckSmirk & Dagger
CycladesMatagotBGG Link
Damage ReportBreak from Reality GamesBGG Link
Dark DeedsGames & Gears LLPBGG Link
Darkness Comes RattlingWyrd MiniaturesBGG Link
DC Deck Building GameCryptozoic EntertainmentBGG Link
Dead PanicFireside GamesBGG Link
Death AngelFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Deck Building, Deck Building GameGreater Than GamesBGG Link
Disaster Looms!Break from Reality GamesBGG Link
DixitAsmodeeBGG Link
Dogs of WarCMON LimitedBGG Link
DominionRio Grande GamesBGG Link
Dominion: Base CardsRio Grande GamesBGG Link
Dominion: IntrigueRio Grande GamesBGG Link
Dominion: ProsperityRio Grande GamesBGG Link
Dominion: SeasideRio Grande GamesBGG Link
Dr EurekaBard Centrum GierBGG Link
Dragon SlayerIndie Boards and CardsBGG Link
Dragon SlayerIndie Boards and CardsBGG Link
Dread CurseSmirk & DaggerBGG Link
Dreadball KickoffMantic GamesBGG Link
Dungeon LordsZ-Man GamesBGG Link
Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King's QuestMantic GamesBGG Link
Dust Tactics: Revised Core SetFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Dust: Stategy BoardgameFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Elder SignFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Eldritch HorrorFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
EleminisSmileypopBGG Link
ElysiumAsmodeeBGG Link
Escape from the Aliens in Outer SpaceOsprey GamesBGG Link
Evil Baby OrphanageWyrd MiniaturesBGG Link
Evolution: The Origin of SpeciesUnknownBGG Link
ExpediteTurnham GamesBGG Link
FealtyAsmadi GamesBGG Link
FiefAsyncron GamesBGG Link
Firefly: Out to the blackToy Vault, IncBGG Link
Firefly: The GameGale Force NineBGG Link
Five TribesDays of WonderBGG Link
Flash PointAsmodeeBGG Link
Flea MarketeersGut Bustin' GamesBGG Link
Flip SixUS Games SystemBGG Link
Fluxx: Monty PythonLooney LabsBGG Link
Forbidden StarsFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Force BallImpact MiniaturesBGG Link
Frag Gold EditionSteve Jackson GamesBGG Link
Freedom: The Undergroud RailroadAsyncron GamesBGG Link
Game of Thrones LCGFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Game of Thrones The Board Games 2nd, AFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Ghost PiratesBrooklyn Indie GamesBGG Link
GloomAtlas GamesBGG Link
Going, Going, Gone!Stronghold GamesBGG Link
Grandpa Beck's GolfGrandpa Becks GamesBGG Link
GrizzledCMON LimitedBGG Link
Guilds of CadwallonCMON LimitedBGG Link
HarbourTasty Minstrel GamesBGG Link
Heads of StateZ-Man GamesBGG Link
Hero: Imortal King - Lair of the LichAsmodeeBGG Link
Heroes of NormandieIELLOBGG Link
Hex Hex XLSmirk & DaggerBGG Link
Hey, That's My Fish!Fantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Hoax (2nd Edition)Fantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Homeland: The GameGale Force NineBGG Link
Horus HerseyFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Illuminati: Deluxe EditionSteve Jackson GamesBGG Link
Impact City Roller DerbyImpact MiniaturesBGG Link
Infernal Contraption w/ ExpansionPrivateer PressBGG Link
IngeniousFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
InnovationsAsmadi GamesBGG Link
Innovations: Echos of the PastAsmadi GamesBGG Link
Island FortressFrost Forge GamesBGG Link
Island Fortress 5-6 expansionFrost Forge GamesBGG Link
Isle of Doctor Necreaux, TheAlderac Entertainment GroupBGG Link
JamaicaGameWorksBGG Link
KanbanStronghold GamesBGG Link
Kaosball: The Fantasy Sport of Total DominationCMON LimitedBGG Link
KemetMatagotBGG Link
King of New YorkIELLOBGG Link
King of TokyoIELLOBGG Link
Kingdom of Solomon w/ExpansionMinion GamesBGG Link
Kingdom of Solomon: ExpansionMinion GamesBGG Link
Kings of ArtificeWyrd MiniaturesBGG Link
Kingsburg w/ ExpansionFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Legend of DraxiaMythica GamingBGG Link
Legend of the Five Rings: Art of WarAlderac Entertainment GroupBGG Link
LegitimacyMinion GamesBGG Link
Letters from WhitechapelFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
LifeboatGorilla GamesBGG Link
Little DevilsStronghold GamesBGG Link
Lord of the Rings Deck-Building GameCryptozoicBGG Link
Lords of WaterdeepWizards of the CoastBGG Link
Lost LegendsQueen GamesBGG Link
Lost TempleStronghold GamesBGG Link
Love Letters L5RAlderac Entertainment GroupBGG Link
Merc: ConflictMegacon Games
Metal AdventuresMatagotBGG Link
Midevil DeluxeTwilight Creations, Inc.BGG Link
Mille BornesAsmodeeBGG Link
Miskatonic School for GirlsFun to 11BGG Link
MOD XCryptozoic EntertainmentBGG Link
Monster DerbyGorilla GamesBGG Link
Munchin PanicFireside GamesBGG Link
MunchkinSteve Jackson GamesBGG Link
MysteriumAsmodeeBGG Link
New AngelesFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
New HavenR&R GamesBGG Link
New ScienceConquistador Games, Inc.BGG Link
Nitro DiceMinion GamesBGG Link
Oh Gnome You Don't!Gut Bustin' GamesBGG Link
Outpost: 20th Anniversary DeluxeStronghold GamesBGG Link
PanamaxStronghold GamesBGG Link
Paranoia: Mandatory Bonus Fun Card GameMongoose PublishingBGG Link
Passing ShotImpact MiniaturesBGG Link
Pirate vs PirateOut of the BoxBGG Link
Poo: the Card GameCatalyst Game LabsBGG Link
Project PandoraMantic GamesBGG Link
Puzzle StrikeSirilin GamesBGG Link
Puzzle Strike: Upgrade packSirilin GamesBGG Link
QINR&R GamesBGG Link
RaRavensburgerBGG Link
Realm of HeroesMr B GamesBGG Link
Red NovemeberFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Redneck LifeGut Bustin' GamesBGG Link
RelicFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Resistance, TheIELLOBGG Link
Revolution!Steve Jackson GamesBGG Link
Rex: Final Days of an EmpireFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Rivet Wars: Eastern FrontCMON LimitedBGG Link
Roar-a-SaurusIndie Boards and CardsBGG Link
Roll for the GalaxyRio Grande GamesBGG Link
Rose King, The UnknownBGG Link
rum bonesCMON LimitedBGG Link
Rune WarsFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
RuneboundFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
SamuuriFantasy Flight Games
Save Doctor LuckyPaizo PublishingBGG Link
Scheming and SkulkingGrandpa Becks GamesBGG Link
Sea of CloudsIELLOBGG Link
SeasonsAsmodeeBGG Link
Sentinels of the Multiverse (Shattered Timelines)Greater Than GamesBGG Link
Sentinels of the Multiverse (Vengance)Greater Than GamesBGG Link
Sentinels of the Multiverse (Wrath of the Cosmos)Greater Than GamesBGG Link
Sentinels Tactics Location MapsGreater Than GamesBGG Link
Sentinels Tactics w/ Miniatures w/ Uprising ExpanisionGreater Than GamesBGG Link
Settlers of CatanMayfairBGG Link
Settlers of Catan 5-6 Player Old EditionMayfairBGG Link
Settlers of Catan: SeafaresMayfairBGG Link
Shadows Over CamelotDays of WonderBGG Link
Shear PanicMayfairBGG Link
ShogunQueen GamesBGG Link
Shootin LaddersSmirk & DaggerBGG Link
Skull KingGrandpa Becks GamesBGG Link
Small WorldDays of WonderBGG Link
Sons of AnarchyGale Force NineBGG Link
Sons of Anarchy w/ ExpansionGale Force NineBGG Link
Sons of Anarchy: Grim Bastards ExpansionGale Force NineBGG Link
Space Cadet Dice DuelStronghold GamesBGG Link
Space CadetsStronghold GamesBGG Link
Space SheepStronghold GamesBGG Link
Spartacus: A Game of BloodGale Force NineBGG Link
Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery w/ Promo and ExpansionGale Force NineBGG Link
Spartacus: A Game of Blood ExpansionGale Force NineBGG Link
Spartacus: A Game of Blood Promo DeckGale Force NineBGG Link
SpectaculumR&R GamesBGG Link
SplendorAsmodeeBGG Link
Star War: ArmadaFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Star Wars LCGFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Star Wars: Imperial AssaultFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures GameFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Street IllegalZ-Man GamesBGG Link
Student BodiesSmirk & DaggerBGG Link
SubdivisionBezier GamesBGG Link
SuburbiaBezier GamesBGG Link
Summoner Wars: Guild Dwarves vs Cave GoblinsPlaid Hat GamesBGG Link
Summoner Wars: Master SetPlaid Hat GamesBGG Link
Summoner Wars: Phoenix Elves vs Tundra OrcsPlaid Hat GamesBGG Link
Sunrise CityClever Mojo GamesBGG Link
Survive: Escape from AtlantisStronghold GamesBGG Link
SutakkuSmirk & DaggerBGG Link
TakenokoAsmodeeBGG Link
TappleUSAopolyBGG Link
Tash-kalar w/ expansionsCzech Games EditionBGG Link
TelestrationsUSAopolyBGG Link
The WitcherADC Blackfire EntertainmentBGG Link
Ticket to RideDays of WonderBGG Link
Ticket to Ride: AsiaDays of WonderBGG Link
Ticket to Ride: Rails & SailsDays of WonderBGG Link
Tide of IronFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Tide of Iron: NormandyFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Tigris and EuphratesBGG Link
Tiki MountianSlugfest GamesBGG Link
TombAlderac Entertainment GroupBGG Link
TomorrowConquistador Games, Inc.BGG Link
Trailer Park WarsGut Bustin GamesBGG Link
TrainsAlderac Entertainment GroupBGG Link
Ultimate WerewolfBezier GamesBGG Link
Village Crone, TheFireside GamesBGG Link
VOLT: Robot Battle ArenaUSAopolyBGG Link
Walk the PlankMayday GamesBGG Link
Warhammer 40,000: ConquestFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Warhammer Disk WarFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Warhammer Disk War Tournament KitFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Warhammer Invasion LCGFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card GameADC Blackfire EntertainmentBGG Link
Warmachine: High CommandPrivateer PressBGG Link
We Didn't Playtest This GameAsmadi GamesBGG Link
Wings of War (Cards and Expanisions)Fantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Wits & WagersDominic CrapuchettesBGG Link
Wizard's BrewEagle-Gryphon GamesBGG Link
Wiz-WarFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
Worst Game Ever, TheGorilla GamesBGG Link
WrestAngelAngelo Porazzi GamesBGG Link
WWE Superstar ShowdownGale Force NineBGG Link
XCOM: The Board GameFantasy Flight GamesBGG Link
You're So Bad!Very Brainy, Inc
Zombicide Season 2: Prison OutbreakCMON LimitedBGG Link
Zombicide Season 3: Rue MorgueCMON LimitedBGG Link
Zombicide: Black PlagueCMON LimitedBGG Link
Zombies!!!Twilight Creations, Inc.BGG Link
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