Charity Paint & Pass 2023

From the ‘Paint & Pass’ crew…

Last year, the inaugural Charity Paint & Pass saw 45 artists collaborate for more than 40 hours of streaming as they all worked on this single model, a Warhammer Age of Sigmar Ogre Kingdoms Thundertust on Stonehorn. Once complete, the piece was put into the charity auction. Join us again this year as we look to top last year’s results! All skill levels are welcome! Sit for 5 minutes or sit for an hour! Join us at the entrance to Fort Wappel and say that you painted a piece with some of the greatest painters in the world.

We are happy to welcome back Tony from ‘You Got Me Monologuing’ as he hosts a weekend of community painting with the Charity Paint & Pass. Last year, 45 artists participated, including 2 brand new painters who picked up their first brush that very weekend! This year, you can add your name to this list of artists as we paint up something amazing for charity!

For this year’s Charity Paint & Pass, the community will be painting up Magnus the Red from Warhammer 40,000. Sign up for your chance to sit and paint on this magnificent piece on site, right outside of Fort Wappel! Seats will be first come, first served! If you can’t join us at the table, the event will be livestreamed on Twitch all weekend long!

Last year’s Charity Paint & Pass was such a huge success, that Tony decided he needed some help for the live stream! This year, he’s joined by ‘Brush For Hire’ and ‘Useless Wizard’ for 40+ hours of livestream painting goodness! Sign up on site at the entrance of Fort Wappel for you chance to paint and stream with some of the best painters in the world at this one-of-a-kind community charity event.

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