Introducing the Ancient Order of AdeptiCon’s Vaunted Archivist

The hallowed halls of the Ancient Order are preternaturally quiet, yet the very perceptive will immediately recognize the shadowy presence of the Order’s chief curator. Adept-Archivist Epsilon 16309++ Tertiary is the Grand Tabulator and Keeper of the Honoured Rolls. His primary function, as it has been for a thousand years, is to maintain the Order’s archives, managing the lists of AdeptiCon’s most loyal and trusted attendees.

Sculpted by the talented Heriberto Valle with example painted here by the illustrious Jeff Jenkins, Adept-Archivist Epsilon Tertiary is not available to purchase but is instead a gift to members of the Ancient Order of AdeptiCon who attend AdeptiCon 2022. And not only will Ancient Order attendees receive this amazing model (supplied unpainted), but also an exclusive pin and custom badge. It is part of our way of thanking our loyal attendees who have helped assure the convention’s continued success.

More generally, we are in the process of finalizing more news and you should see some updates soon, particularly information about registration and hotel blocks. So stay tuned and, as always, we appreciate your patience as we work to bring AdeptiCon back in 2022.