AdeptiCon 2020 and the Return of the U.S. Golden Demons

The Golden Demon, Games Workshop’s miniatures painting competition, is one of the most prestigious and storied contests in the history of the hobby. And there was a time, not long ago, when this legendary competition had U.S. events, mythic displays of hobby skill and painting talent. But then, alas, a time of darkness befell the New World and in 2014 the Golden Demon had left our shores and were lost…

But that which was unto us lost has been found. Like an exiled king of yore, the Golden Demon has returned to the U.S. and it is with great pride that AdeptiCon 2020 will play host to this fabled event. The partnership between Games Workshop and AdeptiCon will allow this prestigious competition to more than revive its former glory here in the states. The U.S. Golden Demon will undoubtedly bring together an historic collection of painters and hobbyists and forge a new legacy for this grand event.

But there is no time to waste! The call of the Demons grows in strength (can you not hear it?) and its siren song beckons you to start those projects now! Below is a list of the official 2020 categories. Please check out the Warhammer Community site for more information. We proudly welcome back the Golden Demons and count it as one of the many reasons to attend AdeptiCon 2020.