AdeptiCon 2019 Hobby Seminars

As AdeptiCon 2019 registration draws nigh, we are incredibly proud to once again offer a mind-boggling slate of Hobby Seminars, ranging from airbrushing to sculpting, color theory to base coating, from painting merciless, genetically modified Space Marines to totes adorable Chibis. This year’s catalog of hobby classes, seminars, and workshops has something for everyone, whether you are a multi-award winning artist or you’re picking up the brush for the first time.

We are very jazzed Ex to announce Alfonso Giraldes, a.k.a. Banshee, will be joining us again at AdeptiCon. He bolsters an already phenomenal collection of talented instructors. Some highlights from Banshee’s offerings feature:

  • A 2-day immersive class never before offered at AdeptiCon
  • Classes on Color Theory and Realistic Natural Materials
  • Special private 1-on-1 coaching sessions also available

And the talented pool of instructors and artists this year is without rival. Never before have we had this depth of skill. A warm AdeptiCon welcome to our new instructors and a big thanks to our returning champions. We couldn’t offer the world-class level of instruction without world-class instructors.

New Instructors for 2019:

  • Riccardo Agostini
  • Wesley Cogdal
  • Mike Cousins
  • Drew Drescher
  • Richard Gray
  • David Higgins
  • Yeji Kim
  • Jean-Virgile Laprise
  • Nick Nanavati
  • Lyn Stahl
  • Chris Suhre
  • Andy Wardle
  • Clay Williams

Returning Instructors:

  • Seth Amsden
  • Ken Badger
  • Shoshie Bauer
  • Elizabeth Beckley
  • Kris Belleau
  • Rhonda Bender
  • Sergio Calvo
  • Matt DiPietro
  • Francesco Farabi
  • Michelle Farnsworth
  • Alfonso Giraldes
  • Jeff Jenkins
  • Ben Komets
  • Samuel Lenz
  • Adam Loper
  • Aaron Lovejoy
  • Tom Mason
  • Patrick Masson
  • John Miller
  • Ait mehdi Mohamed
  • Joe Orteza
  • David Powell
  • Marc Raley
  • Duncan Rhodes
  • Anthony Rodriguez
  • Vincent Venturella
  • Anthony Wang
  • Caleb Wissenback