James Otero

I got into painting warhammer when I was around 9 years old and have never looked back! 25 years later my passion for the industry, painting and miniatures in all aspects burns stronger than ever & I am constantly trying to better myself in painting & modelling. For me time is the most important commodity and you can’t replace it, so learning how best to spend it and being time economical without jeopardising painting quality is very important. With painting, modelling and converting I have always tried to better myself on every model I execute never settling for the lazy or easy option, a shortcut is only as good as the results it produces. I am trying to enter more competitions time depending with running Siege and my other business. I was fortunate enough to win a Bronze Golden Demon Duel in 2018, Salute Gold Squad in 2018 and Bronze in the staff category at IronSkull in 2020. I aim to enter more competitions in the future and hope to see you at a competition! Finally, for me quality, attention to detail and a striking model are paramount. Thanks for dropping by the Siege Studios site and for the interest in us!

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