Ben Komets

Ben Komets is a loaded with trophies from all over the world. He counts more than 30 Golden Demons, 3 Slayerwords and countless other Prizes from all kind of shows including Gold at the SMC,Monte San Savino, the World Expo and the Crystalbrush.

Ben was born and raised in the wonderful City of Berlin.

He is a full time miniature artist and is widely known for his instructional videos for Painting Buddha and his Patreon Channel where he creates easy to follow video on how to become a better painter.
Whether in workshops, personal classes or via online learning guides through his Patreon Channel, teaching and talking about miniatures has become a big part of Ben’s life.

Miniature painting changed his view on everyday life and today he sees the world in textures, colors, lights and shadows, with a never-ending fascination for details.

He is also thankful for all the fantastic people he has met and the true friends he has made around the world.