P3 Grandmaster AdeptiCon 2023

Our friends over at Privateer Press have just announced some details about the P3 Grandmaster painting competition at AdeptiCon 2023:

Following the success of the first year’s Formula P3 Grandmaster being held at AdeptiCon 2022, players, painters, and fans can anticipate that Privateer Press will be at AdeptiCon 2023, March 22–26, for next year’s competition. It’s safe to say AdeptiCon is the new home for the Grandmaster—after all, it’s where the miniatures are happening and where the folks go who love them! And while the Grandmaster is the place to show off your paint jobs, conversions, and dioramas, it’s also the place to come see other works of art and meet the artists who created them.

Keeping with the contest’s tradition, the Grandmaster will use an open judging system in which each entry is judged and awarded on its own merit. Multiple bronze, silver, and gold awards can be given in each category; this allows for a better balanced competition and extends the opportunity to see your improvements rather than fully competing with others. Additionally, the Recognition for Artistry awards will be given out to entries that move the judge’s heart! Each category will have its own winner, and the overall winner will be the Grandmaster who takes home a golden skully trophy!

Start making your plans now to attend AdeptiCon 2023 and check out our guidelines here for preparing your minis!