Fort Wappel T-Shirt

To say that Jim and Cathy Wappel are an AdeptiCon institution would be a vast understatement. They are a treasured couple, who have devoted so much time and effort to making AdeptiCon what it has become. Anyone who has ever visited the Hobby Area and stood before the proverbial ramparts of Fort Wappel knows that Cathy and Jim perform an annual labor of love. Both are generous, providing painting tips and instruction, constructive criticism, and easy conversation for the duration of the convention. And often, while Jim holds the rapt attention of the Fort with some tale, Cathy, usually with mini-Cathy along for photos, wanders the Exhibitor Hall, stopping every few feet to talk and laugh. Simply put, they make AdeptiCon more fun.

In a heartbreaking example of how the universe remains completely unfair, Cathy recently received a serious medical diagnosis. And while she took the news with her typical brand of optimistic determination, the issues she now faces will be challenging physically, mentally, and financially. Those first two challenges will be met head on by Cathy, her family, her doctors, and a legion of devoted friends, but as a larger community, we can certainly help with the third. To that end, we’ve partnered once more with talented artist, Tim Toolen, to create a very cool t-shirt that celebrates Cathy and Jim and their cherished contribution to AdeptiCon. The entirety of the net proceeds will go to the Wappel family, and our goal is making this tough time just a little easier for someone who has given so much without ever asking for anything in return.

Don’t miss this chance to own a unique shirt that pays homage to a fantastic hobby institution and important part of the AdeptiCon experience, while at the same time supporting our dear friend Cathy during this challenging time. You really can’t go wrong.

These shirts are pre-order only through the month of August, with expected delivery at the end of September.