AdeptiCon 2022: An Epilogue

As the dust settles and the ballrooms and halls go quiet, planes land and SUVs travel those final few miles to home, it may be too early to have any real perspective yet about AdeptiCon 2022. But one thing we can safely say already is that the convention was an unmitigated success. With all the myriad challenges we faced and with all that a two-year deferment entailed, AdeptiCon did return and returned in style. From the bustling exhibitor hall, the incredible armies of the various tournaments, and the new historical gaming venue to the 500 plus entries in the Golden Demon painting competition and the perpetual activity of the Hobby Lounge, the convention was back.

And we could not have done it without all the volunteers and event organizers. They’re the heart of AdeptiCon and they deserve the thanks of every attendee. There are volunteers who spent four or five days working, sneaking in a game here or a class there, and that kind of commitment is rare. There are also dozens of volunteers who spend the weeks and months before the convention preparing, planning, building, and painting. For many, it is like having a second job. They deserve our gratitude.

At the end of the day, everything else aside, the true nature of the convention was on full display. Friends greeted each other all weekend and these reunions were great to witness, while new friendships, many made across the tabletop battlefield, were made. The joy of being back together was a palpable feeling.

So, thank you. Thanks for your patience and your loyalty over the last few years. Thanks for making our return possible. So now, take a deep breath and relax. Then clean your painting area and start planning that next project. Planning for 2023 starts now.

The AdeptiCon Staff

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