Formula P3 Grandmaster – AdeptiCon 2022

From our friends at Privateer Press:

Return of the Formula P3 Grandmaster!

The Formula P3 Grandmaster is back and for the first time is going to be held at AdeptiCon 2022!

While traditionally held at Lock & Load and Gen Con, AdeptiCon has become, in my opinion, the greatest gathering of miniatures painters in the United states, and with it’s return this year it felt like the perfect opportunity to bring back Privateer’s premier painting competition.

The Formula P3 Grandmaster holds a very special place in my heart. It’s what really got me into the world of display level miniature painting and pushed me to achieve the level I am at today. In fact, many of North America’s top painters hold the title of P3 Grandmaster. One of my favorite things about it is that it is an open judging system—meaning that any number of bronze, silver, or gold awards can be given out. This allows you to compete more with yourself and see how you are improving rather than competing against your peers. However, only one person will be given the title of Grandmaster and receive what is possibly my favorite trophy.

Since the last P3 Grandmaster in 2019, some categories have changed. Heck, we introduced a whole new game system in Warcaster, so check the rules linked below!

We haven’t been able to gather much of late, and I know people are itching to show their work in person again, so I can’t wait to see what you bring. Now’s the time: grab your brushes and your favorite Privateer Press miniature(s) and show me what you can do. I hope to see you all at AdeptiCon in March!

Official Formula P3 Grandmaster AdeptiCon 2022 Rules