The Heaviest of Hearts

It is with a profound sadness that we must inform you of the passing of Nathanial Taylor, a good friend to many AdeptiCon attendees and staff and someone who devoted so much time and energy into making the convention the event we all love. Nate worked tirelessly, his organizational and logistical acumen matched only by his enthusiasm to bring players games that bordered on the cinematic in scope and were always fun to play. His gregarious nature, almost limitless patience, and bombastic style were hallmarks of the Horus Heresy and Adeptus Titanicus events he designed and ran. Behind the scenes, Nate volunteered untold hours building and painting terrain, an integral and beloved member of a team of people that devote so much of their own time, energy, and resources to the success of the convention.

At AdeptiCon, after a long day of epic miniature battles and tabletop campaigns, you could rest assured that you could grab a pint at the bar, pull up a chair, and join the group listening to Nate regale them with accounts of the day’s exploits. Nate was practically dwarven (also a skilled brewer, by the way) in his love of a tale well told and his own ability to weave a story, to make even the mundane entertaining, was legendary. His voice will be keenly missed.

The miniatures gaming community has lost a champion, AdeptiCon has lost one of its most vital team members, and many have lost a cherished friend. There are times when words do truly fail, and we don’t know exactly how to convey a loss. In the end, when AdeptiCon does return and you finally see friends you haven’t greeted now for a couple years, make sure you remind them how important they are to you. Don’t take those friendships for granted.

And, finally, if raising a glass is your thing, then raise a pint to Nate. We think he’d like that.

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