Statement From AdeptiCon

Our nation has come to a historic crossroad, an inflection point that demands action. No organization, no community, and no individual has the luxury or the privilege to remain silent any longer. The days of evading the harsh truths laid bare by the events of the last few weeks are over. Attempting to ignore or sidestep these facts for the sake of remaining “non-political” or avoiding controversy are tantamount to tacit approval of the systemic injustice we as a nation are now confronting.

To build a future together, we must listen to those in immediate peril. Black lives must matter. The rules must be equal so the lives of all marginalized people are afforded the same opportunities, respect, and dignity as those privileged enough to not have to deal with daily injustice.

AdeptiCon has always prided itself on presenting to our attendees the highest quality event possible, and inclusivity has been an integral priority. Everyone is welcome and valued at AdeptiCon. Gaming is a diverse community and we are much stronger for it. If anyone has new ideas or constructive input for us about how we can better serve our communities, we are eager to listen.

AdeptiCon stands with people across the country as they exercise their First Amendment right to peacefully protest. We reject every form of racism, bigotry, and intolerance and we believe that the vast majority of our attendees feel the same way.

We encourage everyone to recognize the moment we are in. Be present. Be teachable. Be open. Seek out experiences you were not aware of, or have chosen to forget, and listen. That’s the way we all move forward together.

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