Reserves of Renown Results

First, thanks to everyone who participated. There were a lot of great entries and it really illustrates the amount of work people put in to their AdeptiCon forces. The judges meticulously went through all the photos a few times and we have the final results here:

Staff Entry Award: Mork Rudley for his tank.

Bronze: Mark Maxey for the fantastic Sepulchral Guard.

Silver: Ben Hardy for his amazing Titanicus battlegroup.

Gold: Yael Guery for his stunning Ultramarines.

Well done. We also have three special “Judge’s Awards.” These are for stand-out entries that the judges found particularly innovative or creative.

Chris: Jessica Rhae Gains for her very cool Black Coach.

Damon: Cory Stockstill for the Star Wars Legion night-vision squad.

Dave: Will Podlewski for his awesome 30K army.

Thanks again everyone. If you’re one of these seven winners, PM AdeptiCon through Facebook and I can collect your mailing info. Then, at some point in the future, we can award your effort! Also, thanks to Chris Borer and Damon Drescher for helping with this