Reserves of Renown Painting Competition

Reserves: plural noun, a force or body of troops kept back from action to reinforce or protect others, or additional to the regular forces and available in an emergency.

While the more consequential of the AdeptiCon staff work on the herculean task of dealing with the logistics of the cancellation, a couple of us with less authority have decided to act as morale officers. Think Rimmer from ‘Red Dwarf.’ Anyway, we’ve been waxing sentimental about how many models are painted each year just to take the tabletop field at AdeptiCon. It is in the thousands, no doubt. We wanted to find a way to give everyone a chance to show off the hard work and virtually display your miniatures. And we wanted to give out some prizes.

The rules are pretty simple. Post a picture of something that would’ve been deployed in a game at AdeptiCon 2020. Could be a single miniature or a whole army. A particularly well painted unit or regiment or a massive vehicle. But ONE picture per person. And it must be a model that would’ve been used in a game. We’re on the honor system here, so no painting competition entries unless they were also going to get used in a game. Post that single photo in this Facebook thread from now through March 28th, noon Central.

At that point some we’ll take a look at all the photos. I’ve got a few highly qualified and legendary painters to help judge, including famed Hobby Seminar czar, Damon Drescher and multi-Slayer-Sword-winning artist, Chris Borer. We should have the winners within a few days of the competition close. We’ll be awarding a Gold, Silver, and Bronze award. We have some medals already.

So, the ‘Reserves of Renown’ begins now. Good luck and Godspeed to all those troops that were held back this year. There is still glory to be had!

Dave P.
AdeptiCon Commissariat, Morale Sub-Section