The AdeptiCom(munity)

As you are all keenly aware, next week would’ve been the eighteenth year of AdeptiCon and the convention and camaraderie will be sorely missed. Attendees, exhibitors, event organizers, staff- everyone is dealing with their annual celebration missing from their year. Despite the cancellation, everyone involved is doing their best to keep the spirit of the con alive and reinforce the idea of community that has been such an important part of AdeptiCon.

While not official AdeptiCon efforts, there have been several community-based groups organizing online events and supporting FaceBook pages in an amazing display of solidarity with the con. We appreciate these efforts and we wanted to point out just a few here that you might want to check out. AdeptiCan’t, AdaptiCon, and AdeptiConathome are worth checking out and each gives you an opportunity to connect with other AdeptiCon fans and attendees.

AdeptiCon does have some exciting online content planned for next weekend, so stay tuned. But in the meantime, these groups are doing a great job at keeping the community together. We can’t replace AdeptiCon, but these groups and the overall hobby community is doing its best to keep some of the important parts going strong.