AdeptiCon Exhibitor Support

While AdeptiCon is doing its best to weather the storm, we are keenly aware that many of our exhibitors have been affected in a variety of ways, not only by the cancellation of our convention, but by the overall economic repercussions of the coronavirus.

In the weeks leading up to AdeptiCon, many vendors and exhibitors expanded their inventories in anticipation of high sale volumes over the weekend. Similarly, many exhibitors use AdeptiCon as an event to launch new products or promote existing lines. Unfortunately, the loss to these companies is difficult to calculate. To that end, we have compiled a listing of our exhibitors and their website addresses.

Join us in supporting these amazing companies, many of them small businesses. Let’s take some of that money we planned on spending at AdeptiCon and stock up on hobby supplies, start a new project, or get a new game. With your support, we can make sure all of these companies are back in 2021.