Mantic Games at AdeptiCon 2020!

Our friends over at Mantic Games have a busy AdeptiCon 2020 planned. Here are all the glorious details!

AdeptiCon is always an incredible event for us at Mantic Games. Not only do we have one of the largest stands at the convention, showing off all our amazing products, we also have a plethora of exciting participation events both on the stand and in the gaming areas.

Before we talk events, it’s worth noting that AdeptiCon will see the launch of the brand-new wave of The Walking Dead – featuring survivors from Hilltop and Alexandria. Plus, we’ll have the WORLD EXCLUSIVE launch of the new Walking Dead show exclusive: King Ezekiel.Ezekiel with Machine GunStarting with the biggest event of them all we have the Kings of War National Championship ‘Clash of Kings USA’. Held over two days this event will prove who is the best of the best at our mass battle game, with the winner receiving a flight to take part in the 2020 Clash of Kings UK! This event is close to selling out, so please make sure you get your ticket sorted soon so you don’t miss out. Who wants to try to win that trip to Blighty to show those Brits who’s best!?

AdeptiCon also holds the National Championships for our other great competitive games: Vanguard, DreadBall and Deadzone. What ever the style of game you like, we have an event for you!

The 3rd Annual Brush With Death painting competition will also be held at AdeptiCon. So bring your best painted models to the Mantic stand and have a chance to win the coveted BRUSH WITH DEATH. The categories for Brush With Death are Fantasy Singe Model, Fantasy Unit, Fantasy Warmachine/Monster, Sci-Fi Single Model, Sci-Fi Unit, Sci-Fi Vehicle. The standard is always excellent and we can’t wait to see what’s on display this year.

Finally we have the ever popular Mantic Open Night on the Saturday. Once again there will be a Q&A with the Mantic staff, plenty to drink and some great, unique games to be played as part of the evening. There are always some snippets of behind the scenes information to be had, so make sure you grab a ticket and head on over!