A Call to Arms* – Painting Competitions at AdeptiCon!

AdeptiCon, from its very beginning, has sought to put an emphasis on the miniatures gaming hobby as a multifaceted endeavor. Not only was tactical acumen on the tabletop celebrated, but the skill and talent necessary to bring armies to life was highly prized. This focus culminated in the creation of the Rogue Demons**, AdeptiCon’s own painting competition, which quickly became a world-renown contest. Later came the Crystal Brush, a painting competition that, from its inception, attained legendary status. But now, in 2020, we enter a new era…

The storied Golden Demon returns to the U.S. this year at AdeptiCon. The Demons remain the most celebrated miniatures painting competition globally, with a history unrivaled and boasting participation by the greatest names in the hobby.

This year also sees an unparalleled collection of vendor and company sponsored miniatures painting competitions ever to be assembled in one time and place. These contests will challenge every artist and hobbyist and will provide every attendee with a front-row view of the pinnacle of talent that abounds in the hobby today. Below is a list of the painting/hobby contests being held at AdeptiCon with links to each individual set of rules and guidelines.

Games Workshop: Golden Demon USA 2020 Category List & Entry Guidelines

Additional Exhibitor-Sponsored Events:

Atomic Mass Games: The Worthy, a Marvel: Crisis Protocol Painting Competition
Badger Games: AdeptiCon 2020 Painting Competition
Creature Caster: Resin Beast Painting Competition
Crocodile Games: WarGods Painting Competition
Mantic Games: Brush With Death Painting Competition
Privateer Press: Formula P3 Grandmaster Painting Competition
Warlord Games/Trenchworx: Gladiators of Paint

With only six weeks left, time runs short. If you believe you have what it takes to take to the field, so to speak, and compete with some of the greatest miniatures painters around today, then procrastinate no longer! The time has come for you to claim your rightful place amongst the elite.

* Arms meaning brushes.
**  My first real painting award was a Rogue Demon. Some demonettes, I believe. Many great artists got started at AdeptiCon, so here’s your chance.