Adeptus Titanicus Narrative Team Event: The Battle of Evermore

Return once more to the benighted world of Lhamia III, a planet of desolate sulphur deserts and vast hive-forges, to complete the final stage of the Lhamian Reprisal. With the capital city of Strix and its strategic space port in the hands of the Loyalist Legios, all that remains is to put down the last pockets of Traitor resistance. No quarter will be given. But the Legios of Horus have regrouped and, like a Lhamian razorfox, are most dangerous when cornered. Can the Loyalists consolidate their victory or will the Traitor’s last desperate gambit cost the Emperor’s Princeps everything they’ve achieved? The final resolution of the battle for Lhamia III is still over the hills and far away…

Adeptus Titanicus: TBOE is a team event. Only one player needs to register the team. This event will consist of two rounds of epic Titan battles. 20 teams shall vie for dominance!

Players should bring a list composed of 1250 points of Titans (2500 per team). This list will be used in both rounds, so consider a flexible force. Players will declare their loyalty prior to the event and every effort will be made to accommodate your allegiance. Players must use painted, Games Workshop/Forge World models. Prize for best 70’s t-shirt/costume!