Warhammer Age of Sigmar Team Tournament at AdeptiCon 2020

In the Mortal Realms, the only thing better than having a good sword in your hand is having a loyal ally at your side. And the more allies one has, the better! Which brings us to this: we are proud to announce the new format for the AdeptiCon 2020 Age of Sigmar Team Tournament. Following the successful design of the Warhammer 40,000 Team Tournament, we are moving to a 4-person team format. With over 300 participants in last year’s Age of Sigmar Team event, we are excited to see the tournament make this evolution. More specific event details will follow, but the basic preliminary rules are below. These may be subject to some minor change, but we wanted to get this information out so your planning can begin. Remember, choose your allies wisely for your destiny is in their hands!

  • Each player will bring a 1000 point army following the Vanguard composition.
  • Armies on each team can be from different Grand Alliances (Chaos, Death, Destruction, Order).
  • Armies on each team can duplicate Allegiance Abilities, but keep separate pools where applicable for allegiance abilities (Blood Tithe, Depravity, etc).
  • If armies can choose a specific Enclave, Stormhost, Grand Court, etc, you cannot duplicate them between team members (i.e. you cannot have two or more players on the same team playing Gristlegore etc). If armies must choose one (such as Slaaneshi Hosts), then you can duplicate to a max of 2.
  • Armies on each team must be from the same Mortal Realm.
  • Armies cannot duplicate Warscrolls between team members unless they are true Battleline (i.e., not Battleline If). An individual player’s army can take duplicate Warscrolls. For example, Player A on a team can take multiple Ironjawz Warchanters, but Players B,C,&D cannot take any Ironjawz Warchanters.
  • Armies cannot duplicate Command Traits & Artefacts between team mates.
  • Follow all basic rules for Coalition of Death.