Kat Lidyanova Svargan Aerospace Pilot

We are very proud to announce the inclusion of Kat Lidyanova in this year’s swag bag. Sculpted by the talented Victoria Lamb, a metal version of this awesome character will be found in every bag. Both metal and resin versions will be available at the Victoria Miniatures booth for anyone looking for additional models.

“Kat Lidyanova, 599th Strike Wing, is the most highly decorated combat pilot in the Svargan Aerospace Guard and a heroine of the Empire!

At Gliese 317c, she led the strike that shattered the Tannenburgers’ high command, while at Eridani Prime she single-handedly crippled the invaders’ orbital base and saved ten thousand trapped Svargan Shock Soldats.

It was during the uprisings on Omicron Borealis that Lidyanova became embroiled in the periodic revolution and counter-revolution that regularly sweeps through the Svargan Empire, but she weathered the purges thanks to being so beloved of the masses.

At a stroke, the heroine of the Empire became the heroine of the Revolution, a feat unmatched by any before or since. Lidyanova’s colleagues later noted that she barely acknowledged the change of affairs, simply climbing back into the cockpit of her beloved Archangel F11k aerospace interceptor to undertake the next, critical mission.”