Star Wars: Legion High Command at AdeptiCon

First, we would like to congratulate the Star Wars: Legion Team and the Las Vegas Open for a very successful event. Leland Pena and Brendon Franz did a great job organizing an amazing Maximum Firepower qualifier. And a bantha-sized “well done” to the six qualifying players from the LVO: Davis Tower Kingsley, David Zelenka, John Griffin, Douglas Kropp, Joe DePinto, and Alberto Paz.

We salute their tactical acumen and that of ALL the qualifying players from the various Maximum Firepower events. There’s one last chance to join this band of generals at AdeptiCon 2019 in the ‘Last Chance Qualifier’ before the real challenge begins as these players face off at the Star Wars: Legion High Command final! The High Command will require all of your skill. It ain’t like dusting crops, kid.

Rules packets for the ‘Last Chance’ Qualifier, the High Command final, and the Combined Assault are now available.

We’re also exciting to announce a Star Wars: Legion AdeptiCon FaceBook page to track all the action here:

Building upon the success of the last year of Star Wars: Legion events, AdeptiCon is all systems go and gearing up to hosting these great tournaments in 2019. See you in just about a month and prepare to witness the firepower of this fully Armed and Operational event.

And May the Force Be With You… Always.