Our Own Warhammer Heroes!

The first wave of new Warhammer Heroes has been announced for 2019 and we have a couple winners of this most coveted of honours in our own AdeptiCon family! First, Hank Edley, one of the founders of AdeptiCon, has received this award and it is well deserved! Hank is one of a small group of people who work year-round to make AdeptiCon possible. His devotion to our annual hobby celebration is all-encompassing and under his stewardship AdeptiCon has transformed from a small Warhammer 40K tournament to the massive world-class event it has become. On a personal level, I’ve known Hank for years, since our Warhammer Fantasy armies clashed in college, and I have very rarely met someone with his passion for our hobby. Anyone that knows Hank would assuredly agree.

We’d also like to extend laurels to Marc Raley, another recipient of this great honour and long-time AdeptiCon family member. Marc has been an invaluable asset to the convention, most remarkably for his work making the Horus Heresy events some of the best games ever to run at AdeptiCon. He’s also a great painter who has been very willing to share his knowledge with attendees. Marc is also AdeptiCon’s foremost authority on owlbears, no small feat.

So, again, a huge shout-out to Hank and Marc. Well-deserved honours. When you see them at AdeptiCon, take a minute to let them know how much their continued work is appreciated.