Geeking Out at AdeptiCon Tour 2019

With AdeptiCon 2018 behind us…Geek Nation Tours has already prepared adventures for their AdeptiCon 2019 Tour. Read on for all the details and links for booking and all information.

Geek Nation Tours is very excited to present our tour to the world’s largest tabletop wargaming tournament and convention – AdeptiCon. The 2019 event is sure to be the best tabletop experience ever, as Geek Nation Tours and AdeptiCon bring you nothing short of an elite wargamers’ experience.

This year Geek Nation Tours continues to offer Pre-Public guaranteed AdeptiCon registration. We offered those that hop on the tour the opportunity to select AdeptiCon events before the general public and thus insure that tour participants get to grab all the events that they are hoping for.

2019 will see Geek Nation Tours again include both the Very Important Gamer Swag Bag Upgrade and the AdeptiCon Weekend Pass in the tour price. The package includes Preferred Check-in, an AdeptiCon T-shirt, and an AdeptiCon glass. Not only that – Geek Nation Tours makes your VIG package even better! We will pick up your tickets, weekend passes and your swag bags for you. Absolutely no waiting in line – just show up at the Welcome Dinner and “bang!” you will receive your loot hassle free!

Geek Nation Tours has hotel rooms right at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel! So all you have to do is roll out of bed and into the goodness that is AdeptiCon.

Geek Nation Tours has a long list of awesome visitors that have joined us at our Welcome Dinners as Guests of Honor. This year we are very excited to add Firelock Games the creators of Blood & Plunder to that list! Firelock will lead us in a night of Pirate mayhem!!! We will be yo-ho-hoing and trying to sink our fellow tour participants and perhaps even indulge in a rum or two… Expect the crew to hop into a Q&A while in full costume before they lead us into some dastardly ship to ship combat…

Our Industry Leaders night will be equally exciting as joining us will be Fantasy Flight Games (bringing Star Wars: Legion), Mantic Games, Anvil 8 Games and many more…

Our podcaster friends will not be out done and will have the usual suspects of guests for our “Podcasters Night Out” Dinner.

Lastly, we will continue to offer our “Exclusive Master Class Painting Seminar with James Wappel”. Not to mention, bowling, Chicago Style Pizza and the Sunday Boardgaming Night with the crew from the D6Generation…

So join us and get your wargaming on!

The full tour description and pricing can be seen here!

Or you can hop straight into booking here.

Be well and may your dice be with you….

BTW we are very excited about this year’s hobby challenges… GNT has currently secured a 20% off from Firelock Games for our Blood & Plunder Welcome Dinner, a free RPG character sheet and accompanying miniature from Anvil 8, a possible discount on Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars: Legion miniatures and something equally cool from Mantic Games…