Crucible Crush-Forging New Warfare at AdeptiCon 2018!

Crucible Crush will be offering their full range of products this year for AdeptiCon. You will find Flint and Feather, Cthulhu 28’s, Desert Crucible, Black Sun and Star Crush. Also available will be the Pulp Figures line with the favorites being Heroic Personalities and Weird Menance.

Flint and Feather is a tabletop game of quality miniatures designed to capture the excitement and color of warfare in an era of dark forests and silvered waterways! Flint and Feather’s game rules are set for tribal warfare between the nations of the Great Lakes region, prior to the settlement of Europeans. Players are represented on the table by a Great Warrior who is surrounded by his warband of warriors including a Shaman and youths from the tribe. You can view the beta rules on their website.

Pulp Figures, Bob Murch’s company, produces 28mm miniatures. Whether you are a hardened veteran of the steaming jungles of Borneo, a renowned explorer fresh back from icy wastes of the high arctic, a grim visaged soldier of fortune used to the seedy alleys of Shanghai or a hard-boiled shamus with a bullet creased fedora; these miniatures are for you.

Join Crucible Crush in the Adventure Hall to play demonstration games of Flint and Feather on Thursday and Friday AND Pulp Figures on Saturday. Each session can last one to two hours and all are welcome to drop by and get involved.

Don’t miss Crucible Crush, be sure to stop by booth #304 at AdeptiCon 2018!