Last Minute Warhammer 40,000 Events Added!

A few last minute Warhammer 40,000 events have been added to the schedule:

The Battle for Oscinia Prime: A MiniWarGaming 40K Narrative Campaign (Friday, 8AM-5PM, $30)

The Hadex Anomoly has temporarily receded revealing systems not seen for decades. Oscinia Prime, a lush world of vast material resources and forgotten relics is ripe for the taking and High Command has tasked you with securing this planet and repelling all potential enemies.

Not all is as it seems though as mighty armies vie for control of this mysterious world. This three round narrative campaign will allow players to battle using their chosen faction and ultimately decide the fate of Oscinia Prime. Players must bring a 2000-point 40K army built using matched play rules. This event is intended to be a casual fun event so reasonable lists and a positive attitude are a must!

Warhammer 40K: Thunderhawk Down (Friday & Saturday, 2-hour sessions beginning at 10AM, 12:30PM, 3:00PM and 5:30PM, $3)

We’ve got a Thunderhawk down in the city. Repeat, we have a Thunderhawk down.

Your small force has crash landed in the slums, and has injured on board. Can you hold off the hordes of plague-ridden hostiles until the Quick Reaction Force arrives?

Join The Narrative Guys for a fast-pace narrative mission-based on the iconic Blackhawk Down incident. Up to 4 players represent the downed soldiers. Feel free to bring your own force (small combat patrol sized mission, 20-25 power level, adjustable up to 50 based on number of players – don’t worry, we will help you build a proper force) or use one of our Space Marine forces.