X-Wing System Open Series

“Stay on target… stay on target!”
-Gold Five, the Battle of Yavin

AdeptiCon 2018 is proud to announce that it is, once again, hosting the Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing System Open Series. The System Open Series, now in its third year, is the premiere event for X-Wing players, from raw cadets to seasoned pilots. Spread across national venues from November 2017 through October 2018, the System Open culminates in the vaunted Coruscant Invitational in Roseville, MN. AdeptiCon is once again proud to wear the mantle of Hoth and should prove to be a challenging stop along the prestigious route of Open events.

So grab that hydrospanner and tune up those engines, because glory awaits you March 22nd through the 25th at AdeptiCon 2018!