One Week and Counting…

In just one week, registration for AdeptiCon 2018 begins! Precisely at 8:00 PM Central on Friday November 17th, 2017, the registration site goes live. And preliminary indications point to the best AdeptiCon yet. Attendees will have a VAST amount of choices this year, from massive tournaments, to amazing one-off event games, narrative campaigns, an unprecedented number of Hobby Seminar classes, board games, and demonstrations from dozens of game manufacturers.
We continue to update the event listing on the website. In addition to the popular game systems and annual events you know and love, we’ve recently added: Arena Rex, Aristeia!, Batman Miniature Game, Bushido, Gates of Antares, Konflikt ’47, Test of Honour, and The Witchborn!

New events also include: CAV, DC Universe Miniature Game, even more Necromunda: Underhive, Shadow War: Armageddon, Warhammer 40K Combat Patrol, Warhammer 40K Youngbloods, Warhammer Age of Sigmar Youngbloods, Zone Mortalis 40K, to name but a few!

Fantasy Flight Games returns with a full slate of events including the popular System Open series for X-Wing, new events for the much anticipated Star Wars: Legion, along with two Galactic Qualifiers for Star Wars: Destiny!

Also, Battlefront is running both Team Yankee and Flames of War Mid-War Nationals tournaments, so start calling in your air support. Those T-72s aren’t going to sabot round themselves!

The Hobby Seminar schedule also gets updated, with some small tweaks to the schedule and the addition of some intriguing new classes, including Photographing Miniatures, several Mohand Art classes, and two Star Wars Legion: Painting the Starter Set sessions. We are also very jazzed to report that Games Workshop’s Duncan Rhodes and Andy Smillie join the incredible slate of seminar hosts.

Never has the AdeptiCon attendee had so many choices (currently 435 and rising). But options require planning, so take a look at the preliminary event listing and get started planning your (long) weekend now. Then, in one week, log on knowing that you’ve made the right choices to make your AdeptiCon 2018 the best yet.