VIG Perk: Will o’ the Wisps From Wyrd Games!

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Wyrd GamesAll Attendees with a VIG upgrade will not only receive a Mystery Box from Wyrd Games, but you will also receive an early preview of their brand new Will o’ the Wisps.

Will o’ the Wisps are Neverborn minions for Malifaux. These highly detailed models are a great addition to your Neverborn crew!

Make sure to stop by the Wyrd Games booth for more information!

The Undertaker from Happy Games Factory!

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Check out the Undertaker from Happy Games Factory. Limited quantities will be on sale at their booth throughout the AdeptiCon weekend.

AdeptiCon Welcomes Back Impact! Miniatures

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Impact! MiniaturesAdeptiCon 2017 welcomes back Impact! Miniatures. They have released new dice just in time! The D13 and D15 are fresh from the factory and being offered for the first time at AdeptiCon 2017.

Stop by the Impact! booth (#16) and check out all the cool unusual dice! VIG Attendees also get a free die with their program guide coupon!

D5, D7, D9, D11, D14, D18, D22 … they have them. Full sets of unusual dice for playing expanded dice sets games like Dungeon Crawl Classics and Freeblades.

World’s End Publishing Donates to the Army Charity Raffle!

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This Is Not a TestAdeptiCon 2017 is pleased to be partnering with World’s End Publishing for this years’ Army Charity Raffle.

World’s End Publishing is providing several copies of its popular rules, This Is Not a Test, to AdeptiCon’s amazing charity campaign.

Feel free to stop by the World’s End Publishing vendor booth and learn about the exciting post-apocalypse miniatures game inspired by the likes of Fallout, Gamma World, and Mad Max. Not only will they have This Is Not a Test in stock, but also a wide variety of post-apocalypse themed miniatures. Go bug them about upcoming models and supplements. They even have some special new resin models to show off, especially for AdeptiCon 2017!

World’s End will also be hosting several games during the weekend, so there’s plenty of wasteland madness to be had. Don’t miss, This Is Not a Test at AdeptiCon 2017!

Gamemat.EU Official Partner of Warhammer 40K Combat Patrol

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Ninja DivisionAdeptiCon 2017 announces as an official partner of the Warhammer 40K Combat Patrol and Kill Team events!

Gamemat.EU is a wargame battle mats and terrain company. You will enjoy their amazing battle mats complemented by their pre-painted, resin terrain sets, both combined, will create some stunning battlefields for AdeptiCon 2017. Check out’s vast range of products at Their web store is set for USD pricing and worldwide shipping.

Ninja Division Donates to the Army Charity Raffle!

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Ninja DivisionNinja Division is at it again with $50 Army Charity Raffle gift certificates.

Who doesn’t like Dungeon Exploring? Fighting vicious aliens? Leading a band of Ninjas? I am pretty sure we didn’t leave anyone out!

Be sure to enter the AdeptiCon 2017 Army Charity Raffle for your chance to win these gift certificates. Winners will be able to redeem these gift certificate for products at the Ninja Division booth (#58).

Dark Age: Path to Glory Released at AdeptiCon!

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Dark Age Path to GloryCMON’s, Dark Age is an action-packed, sci-fi skirmish game that pits various factions of humanity against violent aliens, bio-engineered monsters, and flesh-consuming robots. They are incredibly excited to announce the release Path To Glory, the Dark Age, 2-Player Starter Set, at AdeptiCon! This is the first 2-player set for Dark Age, and contains the very first plastic miniatures for Dark Age! Path To Glory sees the forces of the honorable Ice Caste Dragyri against the robots and controllers of St Isaac, one of the mighty generals of the zealous Forsaken.

Make sure to visit the CMON booth in the vendor hall, play through a demo game, and check out the extensive range of miniatures!

New Vendor: Badger Games

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Badger GamesBadger Games LLC will be in the vendor hall at AdeptiCon 2017! Stop by their booth to see new releases exclusively distributed by Badger Games LLC. These include the recently acquired Regiment Games fantastic sci-fi range “The Drantakh.” The Drantakh have been expanded far beyond the original range.

Badger Games also exclusively distribute RavenClaw Miniatures and have several fantastic sci-fi and fantasy ranges available. Finally, come and see the Pontoonier Miniatures pirate ranges and the new fantasy pirates!

AVP: AdeptiCon Special!

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Ask and you shall receive! For those wondering what cool perks come with upgrading your badge to Premium or VIG…look no further! Prodos Games has produced this amazing “AdeptiCon Special” AVP Xenomorph perched atop the classic AdeptiCon skull for all our upgraded attendees! This intricately sculpted model is ready to pounce on your hobby table and should be a blast to paint.

Make sure to stop by the Prodos Games booth to get all the latest details concerning AVP and all their other projects.

AVP AdeptiCon Special
AVP AdeptiCon Special

Click to enlarge photos.

Rogue Leader to Echo Base: Hoth Playmats at AdeptiCon!

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Hoth OpenThere’s not enough life on these exclusive Hoth playmats to fill a space cruiser! But you may be skilled (or lucky enough) to get one anyways. One question has remained, how would the exclusive Hoth Open mats be distributed? These cool mats will be awarded at the Hoth Open System Series X-Wing Tournament as follows:

First, at each round of the event, 10 player names will be drawn randomly and these lucky nerf-herders will take home one of the coolest terrain mats in the system. 70 will be awarded on Day 1A, 70 on Day 1B, and 20 on Day 2.

Secondly, each talented pilot who wins all seven rounds on their Day 1 will be awarded a playmat.

Additional playmats will be awarded throughout the event at the discretion of the organizers. These may be handed out for innovative squadron creation, custom painted ships, or sportsmanship above and beyond the typical congeniality of the tournament.

A player can receive one playmat maximum. So aim for that power generator and you just may find yourself escaping the system with a new playmat!

Privateer Press Masterworks: Captain Victoria Haley

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AdeptiCon Army Charity Raffle supporters have the opportunity to win the first entry in the Privateer Press Masterworks line, a highly detailed, hand-painted 8-inch resin Captain Victoria Haley statue. This model brings one of the most powerful beings on the face of Caen to life on your desk, in your display cabinet, or wherever you choose to showcase it. The statue captures a young Victoria Haley surveying the battlefield before committing to combat, ready to bend time itself to her will. This rare collector’s item, limited to only 500 pieces, is hand-numbered and includes a Certificate of Authenticity signed by WARMACHINE creator and Privateer Press founder Matthew D. Wilson.

Privateer Press is proud to be one of many sponsors for AdeptiCon 2017’s Army Charity Raffle, supporting two worthy causes, DAV : Disabled American Veterans Charity and the W.D. Boyce Council – Boy Scouts of America. Don’t forget to pick-up your raffle tickets at the AdeptiCon registration desk.

Captain Victoria Haley
Captain Victoria Haley

Click to enlarge photos.

It Is Your Destiny!

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Star Wars DestinyJoin Fantasy Flight Games and together you can rule the galaxy…by learning how to play their new collectible dice and card game, Star Wars: Destiny! Whether you’re a complete novice or have already played (in which case you can help teach) Fantasy Flight Game’s newest Star Wars game, AdeptiCon is the place for you. You’ll borrow a pre-constructed deck and play a series of three games. All participants will receive a prize, with additional prizes awarded based on performance.

Events are scheduled throughout the weekend, so there’s no excuse not to experience Star Wars: Destiny at AdeptiCon! May the Force be with you…always.

Schedule is as follows in the Fantasy Flight Games area (Exploration Hall):

Thursday 12:30 – 3:00 and 4:30 – 7:00
Friday 12:30 – 3:00 and 4:30 – 7:00
Saturday 12:30 – 3:00 and 4:30 – 7:00

Board Game Librarium: Play to Win!

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Sponsored by the legendary The D6 Generation and Double Exposure, Inc. – the AdeptiCon Librarium features games from many our on-site vendors, some of the most popular names in the industry – including Gale Force Nine, Fantasy Flight Games, , CMON Limited, Privateer Press, Mantic Games, Iron Box Games and Wyrd Games. There will also be several games from our sponsors, including Asmodee North America, Days of Wonder, IELLO Games, Game Salute, Stronghold Games, Plaid Hat Games, Bezier Games, Inc., R & R Games, Smirk&Dagger, Indie Boards and Cards, Gorilla Games, USAopoly, Grandpa Beck’s Games, hMayday Games, Thames & Kosmos, Overworld Games, CharaGames, Hack and Slash Games, Fireside Games, Wattsalpoag Games, Tasty Minstrel Games, Studio Woe, Grail Games, Greater Than Games, Facade Games, Breaking Games, Portal GAMES, HABA USA, Paw-Warrior Games, Pandasaurus Games, Baksha Games Victory Point Games, Formal Ferret Games, Stonemaier Games, Roxley Game Laboratory and more! With well over 250 games (and growing), the Librarium is well-stocked and ready for adventure!

Currently there are upwards of 60 games included in the Play to Win line-up. These are Librarium games that players have a chance to win over the course of the weekend. Any time you play one of the Play to Win games, your name is entered in a drawing to win that game!

Throughout the weekend there will be friendly and knowledgeable staff at the Board Game Area to answer questions and run games. You will be able to check out games from the Librarium using your AdeptiCon Badge. Games will be loaned on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to availability.

AdeptiCon 2017’s Board Game Area and Librarium collection provide a new way to tailor your personal convention experience. Whether you’re looking to take a break from AdeptiCon’s other events or you’re planning on spending a weekend playing your favorite board games, AdeptiCon 2017 is the place for you!

Dust USA Event Added

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Dust USAWe continue to add events even though the cart is closed! Just so many things to do and so little time! For fans of Dust USA, be sure to check out this addition to the AdeptiCon schedule:

It’s 1947, and war rages on! Join us on Saturday and Sunday morning to battle for the glory of your faction in a campaign where players will have to conquer territories and try and reach an unknown Alien artefact in the desert of Babylon! Bring your army, whatever the size, and face your opponent carrying the colors of your faction and your Bloc.

This event does not have a point limit. Bring what you want to play, from a Starter Set to a 250-point army! Each game will be played with the points value owned by the player with the smallest army and you are able to change your army list between each round. This event is for the GRID system.

Make sure to check out the Dust USA booth in the exhibitor hall!

Reaper Paint & Take Returns!

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Reaper Paint & TakeCome and join us for Reaper Miniature’s Paint and Take! Reaper Miniatures will be providing the miniatures, brushes and paint…all you need to do is have a seat, have some fun, get some tips, paint a miniature and most importantly…keep that miniature! That best part? It is free!

The Reaper Paint and Take station will be located in Discovery Hall, near the Vendor Hall and will be open during normal Vendor Hall hours.

Warhammer Community: Road to AdeptiCon

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Warhammer Community

The Games Workshop Design Studio will be attending AdeptiCon as guests of honor! Additionally they will be running several hobby seminars and participating in the Warhammer 40K/Age of Sigmar events. Follow along on the Warhammer Community page as they they begin to plan their forces…

Premium & VIG Perk: Von Drakk Manor Mini!

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Von Drakk ManorAdeptiCon 2017 attendees will be stoked when they get their paws on some amazing free miniatures from Super Dungeon Explore! In you upgraded your badge to Premium or VIG, be sure to check your AdeptiCon Swag Bags for figures from their level expansion Von Drakk Manor!

Make sure to stop by the Ninja Division booth (#58) for a demo, and to catch up with all the new releases for Super Dungeon Explore! With the 2.0 edition of the game on its way, now is the time to start assembling your parties, painting your models, and preparing for adventure! It all starts with Ninja Division at AdeptiCon 2017!

Keep This For Close Encounters!

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AVPNinja Division and Prodos Games are teaming up to give you the chance to win a copy of the 1st edition of AVP (Aliens vs Predator) – inlcuding and extra squad of Colonial Marines and extra Xenomorph Warriors!

This set features 3 complete playable factions, amazing resin miniatures depicting the Xenomorphs, Marines, and Predators from popular comics, games, and films.

Army Charity Raffle tickets will now be available throughout the AdeptiCon weekend at the Registration Desk. Drawings will be held over the weekend and on Sunday evening at the closing ceremony.

Premium & VIG Perk: Malifaux Mystery Box

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Malifaux Mystery BoxWho doesn’t like a little Mystery? Once again Wyrd Games surprises all attendees with a Premium or VIG upgraqde badge with a Malifaux Mystery Box!

These will be stocked with an assortment of Malifaux limited edition models, including some that are rather hard to find! What did you get? Hopefully, you like your little surprise!

Make sure to stop by the Wyrd Games vendor booth at some point over the weekend!

New Vendor & VIG Perk: Watchful I Studio

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Watchful I StudioAdeptiCon welcomes Watchful I Studio as a first-time exhibitor to the 2017 event. Watchful I Studio’s owner, Joe Krone, is a true AdeptiCon veteran and it will be great to see him again! In order to introduce their products to our attendees, Watchful I Studio will be offering a free miniature to all VIGs! Take your VIG Program Guide tot eh Watchful I Studio booth (#45) to redeem their coupon for a free 28mm ancient Chinese Sword Master.

While at their booth, check out their current range of products as well as a full lineup of miniatures for their new Kickstarter, starting soon after the AdeptiCon weekend. Watchful I Studio looks forward to seeing you at the most anticipated miniatures event of the year!