Event Coverage and Results

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The weekend has been a blast! Follow our Facebook page for tons of coverage and news about the convention! Event results will be posted as quickly as possible, in fact a few have already gone up!

If you have a blog, vlog, photo stream, web page, or any other coverage of the event – please let us know! We will be compiling a list of event coverage for the front page over the next week!

AdeptiCon Talks – Warlord Games Demo Team

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interviewsCarl from the Independent Characters sits down and talks with Jon Russell who will be spearheading the Warlord Games Demo efforts at AdeptiCon 2015. They discuss Jon’s history with Warlord Games, plans for AdeptiCon, some of the interesting aspects of Bolt Action and Gates of Antares, and how to easily get into Bolt Action!

Bolt Action events will be occuring in the Schaumburg Ballroom West all weekend long!

AdeptiCon Needs You!

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VolunteersAdeptiCon has truly expanded to even greater proportions than ever before. The Marriott Renaissance is a wonderful facility where we have grown to provide everyone a huge selection of events and options. “For Gamers by Gamers” is our motto and as ever more, we could use your help.

Setup and tear down activities are crucial to AdeptiCon’s success and for your help, you can receive the bonuses listed below.

Setup Bonus: Volunteers who work at least four hours on Wednesday will receive a $10 gift card towards the Marriott’s cash concessions over the AdeptiCon weekend and a $5 card towards a purchase at the DGS Games exhibitor booth.

Tear Down Bonus: Volunteers who work at least three hours on Sunday after 4:30 PM will receive the option to register for AdeptiCon 2016 one week earlier than public registration.

Volunteers must check in and check out at the AdeptiCon registration desk in the Discovery Hall in order to receive credit for the bonuses. Setup begins at 10:00 AM on Wednesday, March 18, 2015. If you are really ambitious, you can show up a little earlier. Tear down begins at 4:30 PM on Sunday, March 22, 2015.

If you would like to assist with setup and/or tear down, please complete the volunteer survey. While you can show up on either day and still receive the same bonuses, completing this survey will truly help in our planning for the upcoming event.

AdeptiCon Talks – The D6 Generation

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interviewsCarl from the Independent Characters sits down and talks with Craig Gallant of The D6 Generation! They discuss The D6 Generation’s involvement with AdeptiCon, the future of board gaming at AdeptiCon, the Sunday night board gaming extravaganza, what Craig has been playing lately and what games he is most looking forward to.

Craig and Russ will both be at AdeptiCon, look for them near the board gaming area all weekend!

Anvil Eight Games Has You In Their Sites

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AnvilAnvil Eight Games is extraordinarily excited to be back for AdeptiCon 2015, where will be presenting 100 copies of a unique variant of the popular Longshot model to lucky attendees. This limited edition miniature is exclusive to AdeptiCon and will not be available again! Keep an eye out for it!

If you are not one of those fortunate 100 attendees, no worries! Check your swag bag for the Anvil Eight Games flyer inviting you to stop by our booth and pick up a free model from our exciting new game, Aetherium. While there, checkout their entire miniatures range, with over 25 units, and 75 unique sculpts from which to choose.

Anvil Eight Games will also be offering brand new models for the much-feared Omni Program! There is a lot happening in the Aetherium! Stop by their exhibitor booth and say hello to the Anvil Eight Games collective to learn more.

Exclusive Alternate Artwork Cards From Fantasy Flight Games!

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Fantasy Flight GamesWhat does a Vicious Bloodletter and a Trandoshan Hunter have in common besides anger management issues? Alternate Artwork! Fantasy Flight Games has produced some very cool alternate cards exclusively for AdeptiCon 2015! The X-Wing (Guri), Imperial Assault (Trandoshan Hunter), and Warhammer 40,000 Conquest (Vicious Bloodletter) events will each have an exclusive card available…just another reason to play some Fantasy Flight Games events at AdeptiCon!

While preregistration for AdeptiCon is presently closed, tickets will be available on-site for these events…so it’s not too late! Sign up, have fun and get some exclusive cards for your favorite games!

The WitchBorn Invades AdeptiCon!

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WitchbornBuild your own war clan to clash in epic fantasy adventures. No one dies any more; they just rise again as the The WitchBorn.

The WitchBorn revolutionizes tabletop miniatures games with phone apps featuring an impressive variety of encounters and the kind of rich storytelling usually only found in role playing games. A one-of-a-kind roster allows you to guide your warriors from inept beginnings to their rise as dominant heroes.

Join the battle against the WitchBorn at their AdeptiCon booth before is too late!

Aetherium Debuts at AdeptiCon 2015!

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Anvil 8 GamesAetherium is a tabletop miniatures board game set in the virtual shadow of our own desperate future. Assemble your collective of hackers, agents, activists, or anarchists and lead them on hyper-fast runs into a dangerous virtual reality. Use your cunning and bloody-minded determination to carve your place in the Aetherium.

Anvil Eight Games is extremely pleased to bring Aetherium to AdeptiCon 2015, with our entire range of game and miniature support. Come check out the miniatures, and experience our intuitive d12 mechanism and fluid modular tile system. AdeptiCon will be your exclusive first opportunity to get your hands on the new Omni Programs as well! Don’t miss out.

You can learn more about this exciting new company at www.anvil-eight.com.

Battlefield AdeptiCon – Mega Deal!

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Mantic Mega DealMantic Games has a sweet deal on terrain good through March 31, 2015. Check out their Battlefield AdeptiCon – Mega Deal (450+ pcs.)!

You can pre-order it from www.manticgames.com this week (before Friday 13th) and pick up the prepacked order at their exhibitor hall booth.

The combination of 31 assorted terrain sprues and 3 connector sprues allows you to construct a range of buildings that will provide plenty of cover for a 2’x4’ area. The set is compatible with all other wargames scenery sets in Mantic’s Battlezones Tile System range.

This set contains: 3 x FREE Ruins Sprue A, 3 x FREE Ruins Sprue B, 6 x Urban Sprue A, 4 x Urban Sprue B, 4 x Urban Sprue C, 3 x Sci-Fi Accessory Sprue, 2 x Landing Pad Sprue A, 2 x Landing Pad Sprue B, 4 x Connector Sprue.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

A Picture is Worth 1,500 Words…

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DixitThe good folks at Asmodee Editions have generously made AdeptiCon’s famed swag bag a little fuller this year with the addition of the Dixit “Gift” promo card. Dixit, Asmodee’s all-age storytelling game, rewards good bluffing and includes a collection of amazingly illustrated cards. The first 1,500 swag bags will include the “Gift” promotional story card and a new story to tell!

Coming in Defense of the VIGs

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Scale 75Scale 75 is one of several new exhibitors at AdeptiCon this year and they are coming in with a cool model for the VIGs. Each VIG will receive a Irina Sacred Blade 35mm model. From the Duel Fighters miniatures game to the Scale75 Wargames Fantasy series, here comes their first warrior lady in 35mm. Irina, the Light Anointed, the last to stand to defeat the rising darkness with her sacred blade. Will you join her in her battle crusade and prevent the darkness to raise again?

Casted in high quality white metal, the miniature symbolizes the worldwide known quality standards of Scale75 products. Check out Scale75 at their exhibitor booth for more on the cool model and paint lines.

Loot Worthry of Any Viking Raid!

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Sound the warhorns and man the longships, for today dawns a day of battle! Krakenskulls has generously provided some custom template sets for prizes at the AdeptiCon 2015 US SAGA Grand Melee and Team events. Now you can charge your berserkers in style with these brilliant and quite thematic measuring tools. Created by the craftsmen at Krakenskulls, these amazing rulers are made specially for AdeptiCon’s SAGA events. With a number of different themes and styles, Krakenskulls’ rulers may just replace enemy heads as the coolest souvenirs for victorious warbands at this year’s AdeptiCon.

ModCube Joins the Vendor Hall!

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ModCubeModCube is a patent pending creation of 3rd Dimension Gear, a company dedicated to making gaming aids and accessories to take your games to the next dimension!

The ModCube is a gaming aid which enables you to keep 6 common gaming tokens on a single cube, and quickly rotate between these tokens. Token designs are made to be compatible with the most popular sci-fi wargames, including Star Wars: X-wing, Warhammer 40K and Infinity, with more to come.

AdeptiCon will be the first public unveiling of this upcoming product. Come check out their booth and receive credit for a free cube when they launch!

Transportation Update

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TransportationNeed help getting from the airport to the hotel? Here is some information you might find useful.

If you are looking for a taxi from the airport, your best bet is to call the American Taxi Preferred number at 1-877-755-2227. This will give you access to the best, all-inclusive rates to the hotel. American Taxi accepts credit cards 24/7 and does not charge for tolls. We recommend you avoid the City Cabstand, as the rates there are much higher (meter x 1/5 plus fuel and tolls).

If you would prefer to arrive at the event in style, Windy City Limousine offers transportation to and from both O’Hare and Midway airports for very reasonable fees. Sign-up as a group and save!

Crystal Brush 2015 Event Schedule and Rules (Revised)

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Crystal Brush 2012The schedule for Crystal Brush events at AdeptiCon 2015 has been updated. Crystal Brush registration, judging, and viewing will take place within the Vendor Hall, next to the CMoN booth.

Crystal Brush staff will be accepting entries:

Thursday 10:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Friday 10:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m.
Saturday 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Crystal Brush will be operating during Vendor Hall hours, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and 10:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday. Entry submission, viewing, and pickup are only possible during these times.

Internet voting is tentatively scheduled to go live at 4:00 p.m. Saturday, March 21, and will be open for a minimum of 12 hours.

The Crystal Brush Awards ceremony will be held Sunday, March 22, at 2:00 p.m. Location will be announced soon.

Entries may be picked up on Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. If you need to collect your entry at an earlier or later time, please let Crystal Brush staff know at the time of submission, so that somebody with access to the cases will be present. Pickup will only be possible during Vendor Hall open hours!

When submitting your entry, please include on the entry form, if at all possible, a phone number or e-mail at which you can be reached during the convention. We will try to notify winners so that they will know to be present at the award ceremony. If for some reason you are not able to attend, you can designate someone to accept your award for you.

2015 Crystal Brush rules and categories are available here.

The Warmachine and Hordes Charity March

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WarmachineAdeptiCon and Privateer Press have teamed up to bring you some extra cool stuff for the charity raffle. This year, you have a chance to give a little to a good cause and get a lot of Steam-Powered and Monstrous Miniatures gaming in return! One Warmachine Battle Box and one Hordes Two-Player Battle Box are the newest addition to the prize table for our Army Charity Raffle, straight from the folks at Privateer Press. Each box contains the full rules and all the models you and a friend need to storm the battlefields of Warmachine and Hordes!

The Warmachine Two-Player Battle Box contains complete Prime Mk II rules in a travel-sized booklet (86 pages), introductory guide, dice, ruler, and 17 plastic Warmachine models with corresponding stat cards.

The Hordes Two-Player Battle Box contains complete Hordes: Primal Mk II rules in a travel-sized booklet (88 pages), an introductory guide, dice, a ruler, and 20 plastic Hordes models with corresponding stat cards.

Games & Gears Katana Brush in Swag Bag!

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Games & GearsGames & Gears, purveyors and producers of high quality hobby tools and terrain, introduce the AdeptiCon Katana Series synthetic brush.

Like its namesake, the Katana is designed as a craftsman’s tool, a high-quality “weapon” worthy of any hobbyist’s arsenal. Games & Gears are generously providing AdeptiCon 2015 attendees with the Katana (size 0) for free in the convention’s legendary swag bag (while supplies last)!

Another Charity Raffle Painting Exclusive!

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Scale75AdeptiCon has partnered with Scale75 to bring you a full Scalecolor Collection for the charity raffle!

Scale Color is specialty formulated for the Miniature Painter Hobbyist. Their paints are made to blend well with one another giving you an endless array of colors in our basic 63 color set for smooth coverage and quality. They are easy to apply with a bristle brush or an airbrush. Their water soluble paints are easy to clean up, non-toxic, and stored in convenient dropper bottles for ease of use. As a bonus, Scale75 included a metal tray in the box to hold and display your paints for ease of use and selection.

Hawk Wargames Sweetens the VIG Swag Bag

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Dropzone CommanderAdeptiCon 2015 has joined forces with Hawk Wargames in a call to arms. Earth and its surrounding habitable systems have been conquered by the horrific Scourge race. Only a few outlaying colonies survived, but those that did have banded together to form the United Colonies of Mankind, and 200 years later they are ready to take the fight to the enemy; to retake our home worlds in Dropzone Commander.

Each VIGs will receive an entire plastic starter army from one of the four original races to start you off in your next adventure. Take back your homeland with the UCM, corrupt and conquer with the Scourge, achieve perfection with the mysterious PHR or advance your tribe with the alien Shaltari.

AdeptiCon 2015 begins your role in the re-conquest of humanity’s birth right. Choose your army and decide the fate of the human race. Be sure to check out Hawk Wargames booth in the AdeptiCon exhibitor hall.

Registration for AdeptiCon 2015 is Closed!

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All AdeptiCon attendees will be able to pick up their badge and event tickets at the AdeptiCon registration table starting Wednesday, March 18th at 7:00 pm or any of the following days beginning at 7:00 am.

Weekend Badges and event tickets for open events can be purchased on site starting Thursday, March 19th at 7:00 am.