AdeptiCon 2016 Registration Is Now Open!

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AdeptiCon 2016 Registration is now open! AdeptiCon 2016 will take place on March 31st through April 3rd at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel in Schaumburg, IL.

AdeptiCon has grown consistently over the past thirteen years, from the humble 110 person event in 2002, to the amazing 2,400 attendees AdeptiCon hosted in 2015. Over these thirteen years, AdeptiCon has been held at five different venues. We have expanded from a handful of events to well over 300 tournaments, event games, and hobby seminars covering all aspects of the miniature war gaming hobby. Despite the continued growth and necessary expansion, we have made every effort to keep consistent focus on one major priority: to present to our attendees the highest quality wargaming event possible. This will remain our priority for 2016 and beyond.

Important AdeptiCon 2016 Registration Links

Hotel Reservations (Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel)
AdeptiCon 2016 Online Registration
AdeptiCon 2016 Event Rules
AdeptiCon 2016 Event Schedule

Games & Gears Helps Make AdeptiCon 2016 XTREME!

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AdeptiCon is happy to announce that, once again, we’ve partnered with Games & Gears to make their high-quality Xtreme Kolinsky sable brush sets available for purchase. These exclusive AdeptiCon logo premium brushes can help take your painting to the next level. These sets sold out in 24 hours at the show last year, so we recommend pre-ordering them via the webcart to avoid the massive disappointment that comes with missing out on these brushes and accessories.

AdeptiCon Xtreme Konlisky Set

  • Size 000, 00, 0 and 1 Konlisky Sable brushes for the best painting performance with your miniatures.
  • Carrying case with snap and box set.
  • All brushes come in a high-visibility yellow for easy identification.

AdeptiCon Xtreme Konlisky Survival Set

  • Size 000, 00, 0 and 1 Konlisky Sable brushes for the best painting performance with your miniatures.
  • Master Brush Towel
  • Master Brush Soap
  • Carrying case with snap and box set.
  • All brushes come in a high-visibility yellow for easy identification.

A limited number of each item are available for purchase in the AdeptiCon Store. These items are for onsite pickup at AdeptiCon only (at the Games & Gears Vendor Booth).

AdeptiCon Talks 2016 Ep2: Malifaux Events

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Dawn & Gianna from Beasts of War are back, and spend a little time with AdeptiCon’s Malifaux organizer, Sean Overton.

Warhammer 40K FAQ Submission Form

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FAQHave a rules question regarding one of the many Warhammer 40K or Horus Heresy events at AdeptiCon 2016? Then head on over to the AdeptiCon Warhammer 40K FAQ Submission Form and submit away!

The purpose of this FAQ is to give players advance knowledge of how tournament judges will be ruling the myriad of tricky situations that might arise in games of Warhammer 40K at AdeptiCon 2016. Please remember that miniature gaming is meant to be fun. FAQs are not a replacement for common sense and good sportsmanship. Players are always expected to calmly attempt to resolve differences in opinion before consulting with a tournament judge.

Only use this form for questions related to game mechanics and rulebook/codex clarifications. For event-specific questions, please use the contact form.

New Bitz Trading Policy for AdeptiCon 2016

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At AdeptiCon 2015, Bitz Trading caused several problems. In order to create a better experience for everyone, we have drafted up some procedures and rules to better help organize and facilitate Bitz Trading.

The new AdeptiCon 2016 Bitz Trading Policy formalizes the process, attempts to accommodate the greatest number of attendees possible and helps the event get back to its roots. Participation in Bitz Trading requires the purchase of an AdeptiCon Badge and will occur between 6:00PM and Midnight on Friday and Saturday evenings only. Attendees who desire a table section will need to reserve the space with AdeptiCon staff prior to the start of the event.

Warhammer 40K Championship and Team Tournament Rules

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With AdeptiCon 2016 planning in full swing, we have turned our attention to ironing out the army construction rules for our major Warhammer 40K events. First up are the event rules for the Warhammer 40K Championship. There have been several changes to the format including the removal of Maelstrom missions, integration of progressive objectives and updates to Lord of War allowances. Additionally the event will also score participants ITC points! Stay tuned for the Warhammer 40K Championship Primer Missions in the near future!

The event rules for the venerable Warhammer 40K Team Tournament are also available. In the Team Tournament, four players combine forces to compete against opposing teams in a day full of gaming and comradery. While all tournaments are competitive by nature, the Team Tournament encompasses much more than the games played throughout the day. In many cases the day of the tournament is a culmination of months of planning, writing, building, converting and painting. The tournament format challenges and rewards generals, tacticians, hobbyists, fluff-bunnies and casual gamers alike. Additionally, the format enables players to visually realize the immense theme and flavor of the Warhammer 40,000 universe on the tabletop.

Red 3 Checking In, I’m Going to AdeptiCon

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AdeptiCon is back, and in greater numbers! After last year’s success, the convention has once again partnered with Fantasy Flight Games to offer an even larger slate of fully operational Star Wars gaming! Highlights include an Imperial Assault skirmish tournament, an Armada tournament and a 3-day X-Wing tournament comprised of two qualifying heats and a finals event! You love prizes? We know. If you thought last year’s prize support was good, then hold on to your mynocks, because 2016 will blow you away like a peaceful planet. More news on prize support will become available over the next few months, so stay on target!

AdeptiCon Talks 2016 Ep1: New Events and Registration Info

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Dawn & Gianna from Beasts of War have been talking with the minds behind AdeptiCon 2016 for a new series of videos where they talk through the preparation for the event and much more. In this first video they go into depth about the new kind of events AdeptiCon will be hosting this year.

Full Cart Preview is Live!

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Full cart preview is up! The Event List is 99% complete and contains over 325 events, tournaments and hobby seminars!

If you’d rather sort and filter your way to your favorite events offline, you can use this Basic Event List in Excel format [Last Update: 11.18.15].

Please keep in mind, event days, times, prices and descriptions are still subject to change, but this should give you a great start at planning your AdeptiCon 2016 experience.

Registration opens Monday, November 23rd at 8:00PM CST!

Preregistration Begins Monday, November 23rd at 8PM CST

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We are busy putting the final touches on the schedule for AdeptiCon 2016 and it is shaping up to be another fantastic year!

We will be releasing Event Schedule Previews (see Main Menu to the left) over the next few days followed by a full preview of the webcart. Please be aware that event days, event times, costs and descriptions are all subject to change. Several new events will be added before registration begins – but these previews should give you a good starting point to begin planning your weekend!

The full schedule should be completed by Friday, November 6th.
Preregistration opens on Monday, November 23rd at 8PM CST. Last year, our most popular events sold out within hours, so act quickly to reserve your spot in the events of your choice!

Kings of War at AdeptiCon 2016!

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Angel Giraldez: Painting Miniatures from A to Z

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AdeptiCon is very proud to announce that Angel Giraldez, world-class painter and author of the celebrated Painting Miniatures from A to Z: Masterclass Volume I, has made this year’s convention one of the stops on his international tour. Angel’s skill with the brush (and airbrush) border on the legendary and AdeptiCon is the perfect venue for him to showcase his talents and share his techniques with attendees. AdeptiCon continues its strong focus on quality Hobby Seminars and the addition of Angel’s tour only serves to raise the bar once again!

Angel Giraldez

For a glimpse at some of Angel’s work, please check out his website and Facebook page.

AdeptiCon 2016 to Host Bolt Action U.S. Nationals!

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Bolt ActionCorporal Harrison coughed as a cloud of dust settled around him. Less than 48 hours ago he was drifting silently down through the night sky. Now he was in an Arnhem basement. The German shelling was relentless, trying to literally demolish the building occupied by the ‘Red Devils.’ Harrison, feeling increasingly claustrophobic, grabbed his Sten and headed upstairs. If there was one thing Harrison hated doing it was waiting, whether that meant waiting for XXX Corp to relieve the Regiment or waiting to be buried by a German 88mm shell…

AdeptiCon is proud to announce that it will host Warlord Game’s 2016 Bolt Action U.S. Nationals Event. This two-day tournament will test the skill and luck of every participant in what is bound to be an historic event. Armies will consist of 1250 pts and a maximum of 16 order dice. In addition to the U.S. Nationals, AdeptiCon’s Bolt Action schedule will also include Tank War, Team, and Night Patrol events. Pack all the ammo you can carry, because AdeptiCon 2016 is the place for 28mm WWII action!

Registration opens in November!

The U.S. SAGA Grand Melee Returns!

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US SAGA Grand MeleeWe fight. That is how we win, that is how we die.” – Ragnar Lothbrok

Building upon the success of last year’s SAGA events, AdeptiCon in conjunction with Studio Tomahawk and Gripping Beast is very pleased to again host the U.S. SAGA Grand Melee.

This will include the two-day tournament on Saturday and Sunday as well as the doubles event on Friday. If Dark Age combat is your game, then AdeptiCon remains your place for 2016.

Registration opens in November!

Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel Block Now Open!

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AdeptiCon returns on Thursday, March 31, 2016 for our annual celebration of the miniature wargaming hobby! After a successful transition year, we extremely excited to return to the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel and continue to refine the AdeptiCon experience! Look for exciting news about events, special guests, vendors, contests and everything else over the next several months.

Event submission begins August 15th, 2016 and registration for the event will open in late October or early November.

The Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel is currently accepting hotel reservations at the special AdeptiCon rate. Please note that all individual reservations will be charged a non-refundable deposit of one (1) night room and tax at the time of booking with a minimum of a two (2) night stay.

Alternate Accommodations: AdeptiCon will also have special room blocks at the Embassy Suites Chicago Schaumburg/Woodfield and the SpringHill Suites. Additional details can be found on the Hotel Information page.

AdeptiCon 2016 Dates and Venue!

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After an incredibly successful convention this past April, AdeptiCon returns to the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center March 31st through April 3rd, 2016!

AdeptiCon 2015 saw several changes, the first being a move to a new venue. The Renaissance Schaumburg, with all its additional space and amenities, proved to be the venue upgrade AdeptiCon needed. We are very excited to announce our return to this fantastic facility in 2016. AdeptiCon 2015 also saw the integration of a new registration system which we will continue to refine and polish going forward.

AdeptiCon 2015 attendance was at an all-time high, as the convention offered the widest and most diverse event list to date. Huge tournaments, the addition of board gaming events, a much larger Vendor Hall, a new area for the Crystal Brush painting competition, and an expanded Hobby Seminar classroom space all made for an exciting and busy convention.

AdeptiCon 2016 will continue to build on our recent successes by refining our existing schedule and adding new and exciting events. Work has already begun, so mark your calendar now!

A couple of additional dates to keep in mind:

  • Hotel Block: The AdeptiCon hotel blocks will open on May 15th, 2015.
  • Event Submission: We will begin accepting events on August 15th, 2015.
  • Convention Registration: Late October/Early November of 2015.

Now get painting…that new army and that Crystal Brush entry aren’t going to paint themselves! See you in 2016!

In case you are wondering what all the excitement is about, check out the AdeptiCon 2015 event coverage!

Event Coverage and Results

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The weekend has been a blast! Follow our Facebook page for tons of coverage and news about the convention! Event results will be posted as quickly as possible, in fact a few have already gone up!

If you have a blog, vlog, photo stream, web page, or any other coverage of the event – please let us know! We will be compiling a list of event coverage for the front page over the next week!

AdeptiCon Talks – Warlord Games Demo Team

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interviewsCarl from the Independent Characters sits down and talks with Jon Russell who will be spearheading the Warlord Games Demo efforts at AdeptiCon 2015. They discuss Jon’s history with Warlord Games, plans for AdeptiCon, some of the interesting aspects of Bolt Action and Gates of Antares, and how to easily get into Bolt Action!

Bolt Action events will be occuring in the Schaumburg Ballroom West all weekend long!

AdeptiCon Needs You!

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VolunteersAdeptiCon has truly expanded to even greater proportions than ever before. The Marriott Renaissance is a wonderful facility where we have grown to provide everyone a huge selection of events and options. “For Gamers by Gamers” is our motto and as ever more, we could use your help.

Setup and tear down activities are crucial to AdeptiCon’s success and for your help, you can receive the bonuses listed below.

Setup Bonus: Volunteers who work at least four hours on Wednesday will receive a $10 gift card towards the Marriott’s cash concessions over the AdeptiCon weekend and a $5 card towards a purchase at the DGS Games exhibitor booth.

Tear Down Bonus: Volunteers who work at least three hours on Sunday after 4:30 PM will receive the option to register for AdeptiCon 2016 one week earlier than public registration.

Volunteers must check in and check out at the AdeptiCon registration desk in the Discovery Hall in order to receive credit for the bonuses. Setup begins at 10:00 AM on Wednesday, March 18, 2015. If you are really ambitious, you can show up a little earlier. Tear down begins at 4:30 PM on Sunday, March 22, 2015.

If you would like to assist with setup and/or tear down, please complete the volunteer survey. While you can show up on either day and still receive the same bonuses, completing this survey will truly help in our planning for the upcoming event.

AdeptiCon Talks – The D6 Generation

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interviewsCarl from the Independent Characters sits down and talks with Craig Gallant of The D6 Generation! They discuss The D6 Generation’s involvement with AdeptiCon, the future of board gaming at AdeptiCon, the Sunday night board gaming extravaganza, what Craig has been playing lately and what games he is most looking forward to.

Craig and Russ will both be at AdeptiCon, look for them near the board gaming area all weekend!