AdeptiCon 2016 Space Hulk Preview

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AdeptiCon 2016 is approaching fast! The Basement of Death crew will be returning to run their ever popular Space Hulk events. The Assault on Castobel scenario was be running on Friday and The Fall of Kagul III scenario will be featured on Saturday. Both scenarios will be similar to last year, but the BoD crew has made some small improvements to the layout and will possibly be providing some alternate Marine squads. Below is a short preview of the Assault on Castobel.

Webcart Scheduled Maintenance

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Cvent will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on Saturday, February 13th from 12 AM to 5 AM US ET. During this time, the Cvent application as well as the AdeptiCon webcart will be unavailable.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Inquisitor-Judge Vander Tuul, AdeptiCon Exclusive Model

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+++The last surviving mutant retreated back into the service passage, the same access corridor he had used to attack the hab-level. But that’s when he had been one of many. Now he was alone, his brethren all dead at the hands of the Hive’s security forces and their leader, the Inquisitor-Judge. That cursed enforcer had almost single-handedly destroyed the trog raiding party. He had been waiting for them, almost as if he knew they were coming. When the last mutant stopped to catch his breath, he heard a voice drift through the ancient passageways. He froze, terrified – it was the Inquisitor. In a cold, calm tone he called, “There is nowhere to run to, abomination. Nowhere to hide.” The last mutant slumped to the floor, dropping his pistol. He began to weep.+++

AdeptiCon 2016 is proud to introduce Inquisitor-Judge Vander Tuul, one of this year’s exclusive convention models. Sculpted by Dark Wolf Studio’s own Jake Schneider, this metal figure will be limited to a run of 1,500 and will be included in as many swag bags as possible!

AdeptiCon 2016 Sc-fi Model
AdeptiCon 2016 Sc-fi Model

Click to enlarge photos.

Badger Air-Brush Returns to AdeptiCon

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Badger Air-BrushAdeptiCon is once again proud to partner with America’s premiere airbrush and airbrush supplies manufacturer – Badger Air-Brush Company!

Badger will once again have a major presence at the convention, with demos and experts on-hand to answer your air-brushing questions. Badger will also have a wide range of their quality products for sale, including some new items for 2016:

*NEW* Complete Air-Brush Maintenance Kit: This kit contains all the tools necessary for comprehensive airbrush maintenance. It includes the same tools, applicators, and “gadgets” used in our factory service department for ’like new’ airbrush cleaning and restoration.

*NEW* FLATitive: FLATitive is a flattening agent for use with water-base acrylic paints, like Badger Air-Brush Co.’s increasingly popular MINITIARE, MODEL/FREAKflex, and Woods & Water paint brands. This additive, FLATitive, when added to a gloss acrylic paint, reduces the paint’s gloss level, from its original gloss to semi-gloss, matte, or flat. FLATitive allows the artist to adjust a gloss acrylic paint to whatever finish they would prefer.

Badger will also have some exclusive convention specials, including, as veteran AdeptiCon attendees know, great show only deals! So plan on making a stop at the Badger Air-Brush Company booth during your AdeptiCon and check out the latest from this long-time partner!

AdeptiCon 2016 Vendor Hall Roster!

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Over 40 companies will be exhibiting in our Vendor Hall – giving you a chance to purchase their products, try a demo, peruse their new releases and meet the staff behind some of your favorite hobby manufactures and suppliers.

  • Frontline Gaming
  • Games Plus
  • Games and Gears
  • Gaming Nomads
  • Greenman Designs
  • Hawk Wargames
  • Impact Miniatures
  • Ironheart Artisans
  • Knuckleduster Miniatures
  • Mantic Games
  • ModCube
  • Muse On Minis
  • Ninja Division
  • Palladium Books
  • Outlaw Miniatures
  • Osprey Publishing
  • Privateer Press
  • Reaper Miniatures
  • Red Republic Games
  • Reynolds Advanced
  • Secret Weapon Miniatures
  • Steamforged Games
  • Tectonic Craft Studios
  • The Phalanx Consortium
  • The WitchBorn
  • Toledo Game Room
  • Wargamma
  • Warlord Games

  • Vendor Hall Hours: 10:00AM to 6:00PM (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)
    and 10:00AM to 3:00PM (Sunday)

    AdeptiCon Talks 2016 Ep7: Behind The Scenes With Bolt Action

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    We’re back again this week with another AdeptiCon talks, this time with Jeremy from Warlord Games to talk about going behind the scenes with Bolt Action events at AdeptiCon 2016.

    Guild Ball at AdeptiCon 2016!

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    Guild BallGuild Ball by Steamforged Games has blitzed its way into AdeptiCon 2016 with a full line up of awesome events! Ease into a weekend full of Guild Ball with the Kick-off Event and ‘Keger’ Ball Casual Mixer on Friday. The action heats up Saturday afternoon with two back-to-back Scrimmage events that will begin to test your mettle, yet the true test will come Sunday in the first ever Chicago Open US Regional Cup! Prove that your team has what it takes to take be the best of all the Guilds in the Empire of the Free Cities!

    Due to the popularity of the inaugural Guild Ball events at AdeptiCon, we have managed to find a few extra tables, expand existing events and even add a few new ones! There are still tickets left for all events, so register today and determine your fortune!

    Steamforged Games will also be present in the AdeptiCon Vendor Hall, so swing by the vendor and gaming halls for demos and join us for the madness that is Mob Football!!

    The 13th Legion Warhammer 40K Apocalypse Battle

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    The 13th Legion will be running a massive Warhammer 40K Apocalypse game at AdeptiCon on Friday evening. Two teams comprised of ten players each will field 100,000 points of mayhem and destruction! The game will take place on a 6′ x 40′ table comprised of fully-painted Games Workshop Battle Boards and a ton of dynamic terrain. Teams will have to work together in order to ensure overall victory, but each player will also earn points individually towards awards.

    There are still a few tickets for this colossal game – register today and decide the fate of the galaxy!

    Warhammer 40K Apocalypse
    Warhammer 40K Apocalypse
    Warhammer 40K Apocalypse
    Warhammer 40K Apocalypse

    Click to enlarge photos.

    IELLO at AdeptiCon

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    IELLOThe AdeptiCon 2016 Librarium will be featuring several popular games from IELLO, maker of such hits as King of Tokyo, Dungeon Fighter, Welcome to the Dungeon, Guardian’s Chronicles, and Heroes of Normandie.

    Additionally, there will be tournaments for King of Tokyo, King of New York, and Heroes of Normandie throughout the weekend that will feature event kits filled with cool swag and AdeptiCon prizes! Registration closes February 29th, so sign up today so you don’t miss your chance to rampage across a major city or storm the beaches of France!

    AdeptiCon Talks 2016 Ep6: Age of Sigmar

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    This week we’re joined by Alex to talk about Warhammer Fantasy and Age of Sigmar available at AdeptiCon 2016. It’s looking very exciting this year for the fantasy games and we’re looking forward to playing a few games this year at AdeptiCon!

    Assault On Hoth Participation Game

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    Beasts of War Hoth TableIn a twist of galactic synergy, AdeptiCon 2016 will also feature Beasts of War’s Assault on Hoth Participation Game! This massive 28mm game was constructed for Salute 2015 and features everything from the trench works being assaulted by AT-STs to a full on Echo Base which is jam packed with all kinds of cool secrets to find. The event will run all weekend long in the Discovery Hall. No tickets are required for this event, so stop by anytime and decide the fate of the Rebellion!

    Beasts of War will be at AdeptiCon 2016 all weekend, live blogging all the gaming and Star Wars goodness.

    Star Wars: X-Wing Events Awaken!

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    Star Wars System Open SeriesIt took us a while to extract the information from this R2 unit, but we are ecstatic to announce AdeptiCon’s participation in the X-Wing System Open Series! This spring, Fantasy Flight Games will be running eight events in eight nations, culminating in the Coruscant™ Invitational this July in London, England!

    AdeptiCon has been assigned the planetary designation of Hoth™ and will host two qualifier heats on Thursday and Friday (players may only participate in one day, not both). All players will receive a BB-8 promo card and those accumulating 18 or more tournament points on either day will advance to the Star Wars: X-Wing Hoth™ Open finals on Saturday. All participants in the finals will be awarded System Open Spoils based on their performance and the champion receives travel and hotel accommodations to the sold-out Stars Wars Celebration in London this July!

    All this set in one of the world’s largest tabletop gaming conventions! AdeptiCon is home to over 350 gaming events, tournaments and hobby seminars over four days – including several other Star Wars events! Participants only coming to AdeptiCon for Star Wars: X-Wing events can take advantage of the AdeptiCon 2016 Board Gaming Weekend Badge, which allows entry into all Fantasy Flight Events at a reduced cost. Registration is open now.

    Forge World Pre-ordering Information

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    Forge World+++The Age of Darkness is upon us, as Legion clashes against Legion in a hundred different systems. The great factory-worlds of the Adeptus Mechanicus ceaselessly work to equip both sides, churning out the weapons and war engines that will ultimately decide the fate of the galaxy…

    Forge World, purveyor of fine resin models and hobby supplies, will be returning to AdeptiCon 2016! They will once again bring with them a wide selection of resin kits, modelling accessories, Imperial Armour and Horus Heresy tomes, and the coveted Event Only models. And with the Horus Heresy raging across the galaxy, we may even see some new releases as well.

    In order to ensure you get exactly what you need to bolster your army, Forge World is accepting reservation orders for AdeptiCon 2016. This is the best way to guarantee you don’t miss out on anything. Note that the reservation process has changed slightly to a more streamlined system.

    Simply use the Forge World webcart to place your order and, at checkout, select “deliver to a Forge World Event.” But don’t wait – all orders must be placed by February 7th to ensure an AdeptiCon delivery!

    Legion of Everblight Charity Army

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    AdeptiCon strives to embrace all miniature enthusiasts and this year is no exception! The Art of Wargaming Miniature Painting Service has joined forces with the AdeptiCon Army Charity Raffle to present this beautifully painted Legion of Everblight army for Hordes.

    This Art of Wargaming is a full-time miniature assembly and painting service based in New Jersey. Their goal is to offer high-quality services in a reasonable turnaround time at an affordable price. They offer basic and tabletop quality painting levels for single miniatures or full armies, complete with custom basing upon request. Customers can even choose a display quality option for individual models, painted by Crystal Brush winning artist Frank Kahsar. Make sure to visit The Art of Wargaming website and their Facebook page for more awesome models!

    Legion of Everblight Army
    Beast Mistress
    Nyss Shepherd
    Nyss Sorceress and Hellion

    Click to enlarge photos.

    AdeptiCon Talks 2016 Ep5: Kings of War

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    One of the companies that are going to be at AdeptiCon 2016 is Mantic Games with Kings of War among other titles. We’re sitting down for a chat with them about the tournaments they are going to be running here and what else you can do Kings of War wise…

    Crystal Brush 2016 Event Schedule and Rules (Revised)

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    Crystal Brush 2015 Winner Kirill KanaevThe schedule and rules for Crystal Brush events at AdeptiCon 2016 have been updated. The Crystal Brush will be located in the AdeptiCon Vendor Hall and open for entry and viewing during normal Vendor Hall hours (10:00AM – 6:00PM Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and 10:00AM – 3:00PM Sunday).

    Registration will accept entries from 10:00AM to 5:30PM Thursday and Friday. All entries MUST be submitted by 5:30PM Friday.

    Online voting is scheduled to begin at 3:00PM Saturday.

    The Crystal Brush Awards ceremony will be held Sunday, April 3rd, at 3:00PM. The location will be posted at the registration table.

    Entries may be claimed from 10:00AM to 2:30PM Sunday. Please note, the Vendor Hall will close at 3:00P. Entries MUST be claimed before that time.

    When submitting your entry, please include on the entry form, if at all possible, a phone number or e-mail at which you can be reached during the convention. We will try to notify winners so that they will know to be present at the award ceremony. If for some reason you are not able to attend, you can designate someone to accept your award for you.

    Crystal Brush 2016 Rules and Categories are available here.

    AdeptiCon Talks 2016 Ep4: Board Gaming

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    Dawn & Gianna from Beasts of War meet up with Joe and Andrew to talk about Board Gaming at AdeptiCon 2016. We’ll be meeting up with these guys for sure to check out what’s available at the Board Game Library and maybe sneak in some games if we have time!

    Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age at AdeptiCon 2016

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    Fantasy Battle: The 9th AgeSound thy trumpets, tune thy drums and sharpen thy daggers! The 9th Age is upon us!

    Due to popular demand, we have added several new Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age events to the AdeptiCon 2016 roster – allowing you to play Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age all weekend long!

    The 9th Age is a community driven rules pack for wargaming in a fantasy world environment. Old-time AdeptiCon attendees will notice several similar events from ages past. Spots are limited, so make sure to sign up today!

    Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age Big BrawlThursday9:30AM - 10:00PM
    Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age Singles TournamentFriday8:00AM - 9:30PM
    Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age Team TournamentSaturday9:00AM - 7:30PM
    Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age WarbandsSunday9:00AM - 4:30PM

    New Hobby Seminars Added!

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    With a total of 92 classes, AdeptiCon 2016 is the largest and most varied lineup of Hobby Seminars to date! As expected, several popular classes sold out very quickly after registration opened. To meet the demand, we’ve added six additional classes to the lineup.

    Painting Smoother BlendsRhonda BenderThursday10:00PM – 12:00AM
    How to Paint Faster and BetterAnthony WangFriday10:00PM – 12:00AM
    Blending with OilsKirill KanaevSaturday2:30PM – 4:30PM
    Wet Blending & Loaded Brush 101Aaron LovejoySaturday5:00PM – 7:00PM
    The Secrets of the Loaded BrushBen KometsSaturday5:00PM – 7:00PM
    Painting Realistic FacesDavid PowellSaturday10:00PM – 12:00AM

    This will be your chance to learn that tricks that they and the rest of our seminar instructors have used to win numerous accolades and awards. Don’t miss your chance to squeeze a little more hobby goodness into your weekend schedule!

    Tickets for these events are now available in the AdeptiCon 2016 Webcart and are going fast! See the AdeptiCon Webcart FAQ if you have questions about how to add an event or modify your registration.

    AdeptiCon Talks 2016 Ep3: Warhammer 40K Events

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    Dawn & Gianna from Beasts of War are back, and spend a little time with AdeptiCon’s Warhammer 40K organizers, Chris Mehrstedt and Hank Edley.