AdeptiCon 2017 Vendor Hall Roster

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Over 80 companies will be exhibiting in our Vendor Hall – giving you a chance to purchase their products, try a demo, peruse their new releases and meet the staff behind some of your favorite hobby manufactures and suppliers.

  • Footsore Miniatures
  • Forge World
  • Frontline Gaming
  • G3 Games
  • Gale Force Nine
  • Games & Gears
  • Games Plus
  • Games Workshop
  • Gaming Nomads
  • GCT Studios
  • GMM Studios
  • Greenman Designs
  • Grognard Games
  • Happy Games Factory
  • Happy Seppuku
  • Hawk Wargames
  • Hyacinth Games
  • Impact Miniatures
  • Ironheart Artisans
  • Juilo’s Wood Shop
  • Knuckleduster
  • KR Multicase
  • Laser Craft Workshop
  • Mantic Games
  • Mats By Mars
  • MBA
  • MiniWarGaming
  • ModBitz
  • Muse On Minis
  • Mystik Waboose
  • Ninja Division
  • Osprey Publishing
  • Palladium Books
  • Pictors Studios
  • Privateer Press
  • Prodos Games
  • Reaper Miniatures
  • Red Republic Games
  • Scale75
  • Secret Weapon Miniatures
  • Shapeways
  • Slow Death Games
  • Steamforged Games
  • Studio Doggebi
  • Tectonic Craft Studios
  • The WitchBorn Corporation
  • Toledo Game Room
  • Wargamma
  • Warlord
  • Warsenal
  • Watchful I Studios
  • Winged Hussar Publishing
  • World’s End Publishing
  • Wyrd Games

  • Vendor Hall Hours: 10:00AM to 6:00PM (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)
    and 10:00AM to 3:00PM (Sunday)

    AdeptiCon Talks 2017 Ep.03 – Organizer Chat

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    This time on AdeptiCon Talks, Dawn is joined in the US by Hank Edley & Matthias Weeks, organisers from the AdeptiCon Board Of Overlords.

    They have a great chat and we get an insight into how the event has grown, what’s changing this year and information on the Event Awards and more.

    TABLEWAR™ 40K Team Tournament Prizes!

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    TableWar DesignsAdeptiCon 2017 presents TableWar™ prize support for the Warhammer 40K Team Tournament! The overall winners of the AdeptiCon Warhammer 40K Team Tournament will be the lucky recipients of four TABLEWAR™ Mini-Tower Cases. The Mini case is Flight Friendly; specifically, clearing security is a breeze and this carry-on item fits underneath an airplane seat! We took our existing modular design and scaled it down to a size that is convenient for both painters & smaller skirmish style gaming systems or simply some of your most treasured miniatures. If you are familiar with our patented Modular Display, Storage, & Transport system, then you know how our large number of innovative unit trays fit into our Display Boards which then slide securely into the specially designed case railings.

    DGS Games Army Charity Raffle and New Releases!

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    DGSAdeptiCon is excited to partner with DGS Games and their support of the Charity Raffle! They are providing several Freeblades Core Rulebooks to contribute to their amazing charity campaigns.. Not familiar with Freeblades? Come by the DGS booth to learn about the game and get a demo. Freeblades is a low model count, quick to learn and play fantasy skirmish game drawing on beautiful models and a deep and rich background. Familiar with Freeblades? They will be hosting games all weekend AND releasing the new Traazorite Ravager and Daklos Ravager models and the Eclipse Nightwhisper models. These models open whole new avenues of game play, and the Nightwhisper is a preview of awesome things to come from the new Eclipse faction. Don’t miss DGS Games at AdeptiCon 2017!

    The Whiteshield’s Coloring Book

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    AdeptiCon, in partnership with Eagle Ordinary, presents for the first time, “The Whiteshield’s Coloring Book”. Printed like a traditional coloring book, Eagle Ordinary has designed, exclusively for AdeptiCon 2017, this jam packed “kid friendly” activity booklet. Get it in your AdeptiCon SWAG bag or stop by the Eagle Ordinary booth to pick yours up at AdeptiCon 2017!

    AdeptiCon Guild Ball Regional Qualifiers

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    Guild BallGuild Ballers! Only seven official Qualifiers for AdeptiCon’s Regional Championship remain. These seven events, strategically located across the Midwest, should prove to be epic struggles- all leading to the final showdown in Chicago! See the remaining qualifiers here.

    So choose your path to the Championship, knowing that all roads lead to AdeptiCon 2017 and Guild Ball glory!

    And a special shout out to Coach Alex Straub for his victory in the first qualifier at CaptainCon!

    VIG Perk: Anvil Eight Presents RexCon Diver!

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    AdeptiCon, in conjunction with Anvil Eight Games, is keen to present each AdeptiCon VIG bag, with an exclusive RexCon Diver miniature who operates as a powerful Function program within the Aetherium universe. The RexCon Diver is an exclusiveAdeptiCon miniature and will not be for sale elsewhere beyond the convention. The RexCon Diver miniature represents a key facet of the pre-history for Anvil Eight Games’ brand new Collective in the Aetherium Universe: the mysterious RezX.

    Who is the RexCon Diver? Be sure to stop by the Anvil Eight booth and find out all you can about this tremendous exclusive offer. While there, be sure to ask about all the new Aetherium releases we have in store this year, as well as a brand new forthcoming project…

    RexCon Diver
    RexCon Diver

    Click to enlarge photos.

    Warhammer Community: Road to AdeptiCon

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    Warhammer Community

    The Games Workshop Design Studio will be attending AdeptiCon as guests of honor! Additionally they will be running several hobby seminars and participating in the Warhammer 40K/Age of Sigmar events. Follow along on the Warhammer Community page as they they begin to plan their forces…

    Wreck-Age Returns to AdeptiCon! New Kickstarter!

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    AdeptiCon enthusiastically announces Hyacinth Games, the makers of the post-apocalyptic game Wreck-Age – latest Kickstarter project. In mid-March, the team will launch a campaign to raise funds to bring a range of post-apocalyptic vehicles in 1/43rd scale (perfectly scaled for 28-32mm miniatures) to market.

    Included in the upcoming range are two cars, one pick-up truck, two motorbikes, and an ATV. There will also be optional extras to create unique vehicles, and faction specific add-ons. Hyacinth Games has a number of great pledge levels planned, including a $75 pledge that nets you three vehicles of your choice and access to add-ons and stretch goals. This 30-day campaign will launch on Friday, March 17th, and the team has some nifty stretch goals planned.

    Wreck Age Kickstarter

    Hyacinth Games will be at AdeptiCon, running loads of demo games, showing off the great vehicle designs they have for the campaign and answering any questions. To keep up with the campaign on social media, via their official page and Facebook.

    KR Multicase Golden Tickets Lottery

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    KR Multicase Golden Tickets LotteryKR Multicase is excited to announce that all AdeptiCon attendees will have the opportunity to find one of eight golden tickets in their AdeptiCon SWAG bags. These lucky recipients can redeem their golden ticket at the KR Multicase booth. The golden tickets will be tucked away amongst the other SWAG bag items. Find this golden ticket and you will instantly win one of the following prizes:

    Kaiser1 Case, Kaiser2 Case, Kaiser3 Case, Kaiser4 Case, A case from the Backpack 22/24 series, A case from the Backpack 43/44 series, A 50 % discount on purchase made at the KR Multicase stand during the convention

    While the prize cases and backpacks are empty, winners can purchase or order the foam trays they need for their own specific armies at the KR stand at the convention.

    Tickets are only valid during AdeptiCon 2017. Be sure you look carefully through your SWAG bag to take advantage of the lottery. Good Luck and we can’t wait to meet you!

    AdeptiCon 2017 Dice!

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    AdeptiCon 2017 DiceNow you can roll to hit, wound, and save in style with the AdeptiCon 2017 dice pack (10 per pack). These lucky* six-siders come in three different shades of victory and directional markers on each face let them double as those elusive scatter dice.

    These popular randomizers tend to sell out quickly, so be sure to pre-order your set now! Don’t your troops deserve some fresh dice? Click the image for a detailed view.

    *luck not guaranteed

    MacroMats by TABLEWAR™

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    MacroMatsTABLEWAR™, is at it again. The developer of the popular FAT Mat and Tower Case product lines, has created a brand new product line…the MacroMats! The MacroMats are a series of specially designed photography backdrops perfect for use in photographing collectibles, hobby miniatures, and small works of art. This is an innovation in that it brings extreme functionality, portability, and durability all together in a single, inexpensive product. The MacroMats will be featured as a give-away in several AdeptiCon Hobby Seminars as well as within the Army Charity Raffle. Can’t wait for AdeptiCon? You can pre-order your MacroMats now for shipment late February over at the TABLWAR™ web-store.

    Epic Die Studios Joins the Vendor Hall!

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    Epic Die StudiosDo you dislike playing games with “naked” minis, but find that you lack the time to complete the paint job? That’s where Epic Die Studios come in. Let them take your unassembled/unpainted figures and turn them into tabletop quality warriors!

    AdeptiCon is pleased to announce Epic Die Studio is joining the ranks of the Vendor Hall. Epic Die Studios is centrally located in Buffalo Grove, IL – check out their Facebook page.

    Epic Die Studio’s offers a professional, miniature painting service for the working Gamer at an affordable price! With so many amazing reviews from satisfied clientele, you’ll want to give Epic Die a call and save time on your next project.

    AdeptiCon 2017 Welcomes Laser Craft Workshop

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    Laser Craft Workshop specializes in laser-cut MDF gaming terrain, acrylic game aids, and accessories. Precision cut terrain pieces range from fantasy buildings to sci-fi inspired war zones. The durable pieces are designed to be in scale with 25-28 mm gaming miniatures. Old West town, spooky graveyard or sci-fi block habitat, Laser Craft Workshop has your terrain covered. Laser Craft Workshop also offers base inserts in 30,40 & 50 mm sizes. Whether your army is treading through cobblestone streets or touching down on the molten surface of some hell-world, their inserts will give your bases that finished look with minimal effort.

    Shop online now at and don’t miss our booth at AdeptiCon to check out our full line of product!

    Laser Craft Workshop
    Laser Craft Workshop
    Laser Craft Workshop

    Click to enlarge photos.

    AdeptiCon 2017 Welcomes Happy Games Factory

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    Happy Games FactoryHappy Games Factory hales from Paris, France and they have a passion for beautiful miniatures! Known mostly for their flagship game, Eden, a post apocalyptic skirmish game, they have developed two spin-offs meant to provide an intro to Eden or a venue to dive deeper, they use the same miniatures and are 100% compatible to Eden. First; Escape, a tactical board game set in Eden’s universe and second; Stygmata, Eden’s role playing game.

    They are also introducing their latest project, Gnomes & Associates, a fun, fast paced board game set in a magical land where gnomes, trolls, fairy’s and goblins gather into guilds in attempts to be the richest of the realm.

    Don’t miss the Happy Games Factory booth for demos and miniature painting and sculpting master master classes for all of their games.

    Ride of the Autarch

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    AutarchAccompanying the charity army this year is a painting featuring the Saim-Hann HQ, provided by the creators of Eagle Ordinary.

    This 24″ x 30″ canvas is a one of a kind signed print and will never be sold or given away again.

    Participate in the charity raffle to win this and many other cool prizes and relish in the knowledge that 100% of your contribution has gone to the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and the W.D. Boyce Council, Boy Scouts of America.

    Click the image for a detailed view.

    AdeptiCon Talks 2017 Ep.02 – Spartan Games

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    Dawn is back for another episode of AdeptiCon Talks and this time she is talking with Josh Linde the Spartan Games tournaments organizer about all the exciting events they have on tap during the four days of AdeptiCon. They will be talking Dystopian Wars, Firestorm Armada, Firestorm Planetfall, Halo Ground Battles and Halo Fleet Battles.

    Mantic Night at AdeptiCon 2017

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    Mantic NightJoin Mantic Games for a night of games, sneak peaks and Q&A.

    Tickets are 24.49 GBP (aprox. 30 US) and include: two free alcoholic beverages (additional drinks available for purchase), gift bag with over $50 of product from Mantic Games, Ironheart Artisans and Outrider Hobbies, free entry to the evenings door prizes and access to updates on upcoming projects and Mantic product launches.

    Admission requires confirmation of ticket purchase and photo I.D. Tickets can be purchased directly from Mantic Games here.

    Additional Hotel Space Added

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    Due to overwhelming demand, additional hotel space has been added to the AdeptiCon blocks of rooms at the following hotels:

    Marriott Springhill Suites
    1550 McConnor Parkway
    Schaumburg, IL 60173
    Phone: 847.995.1500
    Hyatt House Chicago/Schaumburg
    1251 American Lane
    Schaumburg, Illinois 60173
    Phone: 847.706.9007

    Comfort Suites
    1100 E. Higgins Rd.
    Schaumburg, IL 60173
    Phone: 847.330.0133

    More information on each hotel can be found on the Hotel Info page. Don’t forget, when reserving to let your agent know you wish to book a room from the “AdeptiCon Block”.

    Hoth Open Spoils!

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    Star Wars System Open SeriesFantasy Flight Games has previewed the prizes for the 2017 X-Wing™ System Open Series and it would make a Hutt proud! Not since Han Solo sat across the sabacc table from Lando Calrissian has there so much at stake!

    Even participation in the event gets you some exclusive swag, so get out your hydrospanner and check your motivators because the Hoth Open is looking to be a climactic end to this year’s System Open circuit!