Drew Drescher

<p>Drew has been painting since the age of 11 when he discovered tabletop gaming on a family vacation. As a competitive painter, he has won numerous awards including 6 Golden Demons and 6 Crystal Brushes in addition to other various local and regional titles. Under his net alias Aegis_Arising, Drew runs a modest studio catering […]

Devon Maher

Devon is a growing painter who has been painting since 2009 and in the past few years has become very serious in reaching greater heights in his painting career. In 2018 Devon took Gold and Best in Category for his bust in the Journeyman Division at NOVA Open. Devon has done many hobby content videos […]

Clay Williams

I have been painting every model I can get my hands on since I can remember. My first miniatures I painted were from Hero Quest and later I discovered Warhammer 40k 2nd Ed. in Seattle at the WOTC Arcade and have been hooked ever since. Fourth edition was really my prime for getting into playing, […]

Chris Suhre

Chris Suhre is an award winning painter from the United States. He has placed at such competitions as Crystal Brush, Privateer Press P3, Gencon, massive Voodoo in-line, and others. Chris enjoys telling a story with his art and works to combine not only a good paint job but scenery and composition in his pieces.

Ben Komets

Ben was born and raised in the wonderful City of Berlin. He is a full time miniature artist and over the last few years he has painted box-arts for various companies such as Nutsplanet, Mierce Miniatures and Thirdman Studios. Outside of his personal studio, he is also currently working for Painting Buddha, trying to spread […]

Anthony Wang

Anthony Wang is painter passionate about growing and helping others grow as painters. He has travelled the world and the US to paint to with the masters and has fostered deep relationships and insights in the art of miniature painting. As an instructor, Anthony focuses on helping student develop their own sense of style by […]

Caleb Wissenback

Caleb Wissenback has been in the hobby for over 8 years. Has been a commission painter and won a few awards for his work. He currently heads CK Studios along with his partner Kat Jackson. CK Studios’ main focus is building the hobby and printing community through classes and seminars across the US, Canada , […]

Rhonda Bender

<p>Rhonda “Wren” Bender has won numerous awards at Gen Con, ReaperCon, CMON Expo, World Expo, and the Atlanta Model Figure Show, including three Crystal Brush qualifiers. She currently works painting for the studio collections of Reaper Miniatures and Dark Sword Miniatures. She loves to teach almost as much as she loves to paint, and has […]