Nick Nanavati

I’m Nick Nanavati and I’m a professional 40k player and coach. ! I’ve been playing 40k for 15 years, and I’ve seen success on the competitive circuit for about a decade now. Some of my more noteworthy accomplishments are winning the ITC circuit in 2018, 4x winner of AdeptiCon. 3x winner of the NOVA invitational, […]

Anthony Wang

Anthony Wang is painter passionate about growing and helping others grow as painters. He has travelled the world and the US to paint to with the masters and has fostered deep relationships and insights in the art of miniature painting. As an instructor, Anthony focuses on helping student develop their own sense of style by […]

Vincent Venturella

Vincent Venturella has been painting display and competitive miniatures for six years and a hobbyist for more than twenty. Vince has won awards in shows such as Golden Demon, Gen-Con, Capital Palette, and Crystal Brush. Vince loves teaching and does so through his YouTube Channel and Hobby Cheating series.