Chris Suhre

Chris Suhre is an award winning painter from the United States. He has placed at such competitions as Crystal Brush, Privateer Press P3, Gencon, massive Voodoo in-line, and others. Chris enjoys telling a story with his art and works to combine not only a good paint job but scenery and composition in his pieces.

Seth Amsden

<p>Seth Amsden is a long-time miniatures gamer and an artist who has been active in both the gaming and painting communities for more than a decade. </p><p><br>Recently he has been inspired to take on a unique, surreal, and largely unexplored art form that he calls SurrealScaping. Through incorporate natural materials into vinyl figures, dioramas, and other […]

Matt DiPietro

Matt DiPietro is a multi-faceted artist and teacher, specializing in fine-art inspired miniatures. He started his professional career as the Lead Studio Painter at Privateer Press before launching his own art studio, Contrast Miniatures. Today, he makes his living by creating miniature art for private collectors and by teaching the next generation of miniature artisans, […]