Marc Raley

<p>Marc is a graphic designer from Baltimore, Maryland who has been involved in modeling and gaming for over 25 years. In recent years, Marc has come to specialize in highly weathered vehicle models. Also an active Horus Heresy player, he helps run the 30K events at AdeptiCon.<br></p>

Joe Orteza

Joe started in the miniature hobby in 1998 with the Grand Tournaments and later with Golden Demons. Winning 14 Golden Demons and 2 Crystal brushes along the way. A graduate of the school of the art institute of Chicago, Joe is a freelance artist and former art teacher. He is best known for his over […]

Jeff Jenkins

Jeff began his journey in the world of miniature painting as a gamer who wandered into a Games Workshop store one fateful day and picked up a copy of the Rogue Trader Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. Since then, an increasing fascination with the world of miniature art took hold. Having started as a player, his focus […]

Seth Amsden

<p>Seth Amsden is a long-time miniatures gamer and an artist who has been active in both the gaming and painting communities for more than a decade. </p><p><br>Recently he has been inspired to take on a unique, surreal, and largely unexplored art form that he calls SurrealScaping. Through incorporate natural materials into vinyl figures, dioramas, and other […]