Sean McAfee

Brushforhire lives in the mountains of PA, creating art, working with acrylics, adding color to canvas, miniatures, and altering found items from flea markets and thrift shops.

I always loved art, preferring to fill my schoolwork with drawings of monsters, rather than actual answers. I fell in love with miniature painting back in 1999. when I saw a painted dragon in the window a local miniature shop. I went in to inquire about the piece, and soon found myself using all the cash I had, to buy my first two miniatures, and four pots of GW paint. Shortly after I began painting professionally for the shop.

After a number of years, I took a break from taking commission work to focus on my daytime career. During that time I was able to refine my skills and branch out into other forms of art. I began to paint on canvas, and do mixed media projects. I strive to use the different techniques that I learn from new forms of art, to bring something unique to any project I work on.

After 18 years or painting by myself, I am looking to help increase the passion for the painting side of the miniature hobby.

I have a Bronze for my Single Figure, Allison the Twilight Knight, entry at Nova Open 2017. I also received a finalist pin for my group entry, a Trollbloods starter battleforce.