Michelle Farnsworth

How did this start for me? I needed a reason to get out… to interact with other humans. It started with an invite to play a game at a game store. I thought “Fun, Monopoly" but had no idea what was in store. The game I wound up playing that night was D&D. A year later (2008) I was convinced by friends to go to a 'little' convention in Indianapolis. Wandering around I saw a sign and nearly punched a friend. PAINTING? MINIATURES? CLASSES?! …and so my obsession began. Now I am a competition painter, freelance artist and instructor. My clients include companies like Reaper Miniatures and MegaCon Games (Mercs and Myth). Competition awards include a silver Crystal Brush and several gold awards from Reaper Miniatures. Prior to my miniature addiction, I have always been interested in an eclectic variety of creative pursuits, but always with my own quirky twist. I do what I can to carry that into my miniature works. See you in class!

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