James Wappel

I got started with miniature painting around 20 years ago, and lately I have been looking back at the various stages of that painting journey. Moving to miniature painting from "regular" 2D art was a real challenge, as I had no idea how to paint those tiny figures! Also, there were very few companies making those miniatures, and virtually no one was making the "extras" for basing and other special effects that are so common today.

After a few years, I started to incorporate techniques such as Non Metallic Metals, Object Source lighting, and so on. By 2007, we participated in our first Golden Demons, and taught classes at Adepticon. I have managed to win a number of awards over the years (12 Golden Demons, 14 Crystal Brushes, Best Painted Armies, Rogue Demons, Reapercon awards, etc), but contests are not really my focus. 

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