David De Blas Jiménez

Hi there! My name is David, but I´m AKA The Chromatic Circle or Basilisk. I paint miniatures and airplane models since I was a child (more than 20 years ago, haha), but I´m also a Teacher, Personal Trainer and Osteopath…I´m a very curious guy and I can´t stop learning and trying new things! My passion is to teach people more than any other thing in the world, no matter if it´s painting, healthy habits or any other thing. Currently I´m working with Banshee, we are brother in arms in our project on Patreon, where we are decided to bring all our knowledge to all the people in the world who wants to learn not only how to paint miniatures but how to enjoy the hobby. I love both fantasy and historical models, so if you are ready to learn, I´m your guy! See you at AdeptiCon!

  • Basilisk