All demo events are free. Tickets are not required to play in demo events. Your AdeptiCon Badge acts a generic ticket to all demo events.

Most the demos will occur in Discovery Hall at the manufacture’s exhibitor booth. Additional a dedicated demo area will be set up outside the Utopia Ballroom to accommodate any additional events. Show up at any point to participate.

All demo events are on a first-come, first-served basis. Every attempt will be made to accommodate attendees interested in participating in a demo event, but please be aware that the instructors will have limitations based on table space, available miniatures and staff.

Arena Rex (Discovery Hall – Red Republic Games Exhibitor Booth #809)

Arena Rex is an innovative tabletop skirmish game. The experience has been built from the ground up to be tactically deep, yet streamlined and accessible. A low model count combined with easily digestible rules make Arena Rex easy to pick up and play. Alternating activations, opposed die rolls, and out-of-turn reactions keep you engaged throughout the game. ​A dynamic round structure offers new gameplay and tactical opportunities unique to Arena Rex. Damage trees offer new levels of control within a flexible combat resolution system.

Blood Red Skies (Discovery Hall – Warlord Games Exhibitor Booth #200)

Blood Red Skies is a tabletop miniatures game where you command a formation of fighter aircraft in battle. Action in the game is fast-paced – with six planes per side, a thrilling dogfight can be fought in forty five minutes or less.

Bolt Action (Discovery Hall – Warlord Games Exhibitor Booth #200)

The Warlord Demo Team would like to invite you to come learn a few tricks and interesting Squad level tactics for both the experienced and novice players. We will provide everything you need to sharpen your skills on the Wargaming battlefield!

Bot War (Utopia Foyer – Open Gaming Area)

Bot War is a miniature skirmish game set in the 1980’s. It takes its inspirations from the Saturday morning cartoons with their crazy plot lines and larger than life characters we all loved from that time. So if you loved the retro 80’s with giant robots, military heroes and megalomaniacal villains, then you will love Bot War….

“It’s 1985 and the Bot War rages on. The recovering Democracy holds fast against the forces that seek to destroy and enslave. Ducal, mighty leader of the Valiants, remains true to the alliance and his forces fight unwaveringly alongside the Democracy forces. But from the ashes of the purge, an old threat reemerges. The global corporation known as C.O.I.L.S, led by the sinister Dr Mindtwist, attacks from the south. Take control of Ducal and his heroic Valiants or the sinister forces of C.O.I.L.S in Bot War 2 Turbo Edition!”

Car Wars 6e: Learn to Play! (All Weekend Long 10am -2pm – Adventure Hall)

We’ll be teaching Car Wars Sixth Edition. New players, Kickstarter backers, and other edition players all welcomed. Plenty of play through videos on our Sixth Edition YouTube channel.

Deadzone: Learn and Play! (Discovery Hall – Mantic Games Exhibitor Booth #207)

Your planet has become infected by the Plague. Your family and friends are changing around you. Then the Enforcers come and start cleansing the planet. You realize you’re in a Deadzone…

Dreadball: Learn and Play! (Discovery Hall – Mantic Games Exhibitor Booth #207)

Tired of watching Dreadball from the stands. Well watch no more, retired player/coach John Jack will teach you to play the game of Dreadball. All you need is desire!

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Demos (Discovery Hall – Modiphius Exhibitor Booth #403)

From Modiphius Games, Fallout: Wasteland Warfare is a 32mm tabletop skirmish game set in the iconic Fallout series.

Freeblades Demos: Warrior’s Tomb (Adventure Hall)

Freeblades is a fantasy miniature skirmish game where the players are leaders of bands of adventurers for hire who set out into the World of Faelon seeking fortune and glory. Each player will be shown the game through command of a group ofFreeblades battling each other for supremacy. No knowledge of the game is required and the minimum rules to kick the game off and get started will be taught, with the rest learned along the way. Everyone will walk away with something. Come learn Freeblades!

Giga-robo Demos (Discovery Hall – Cardboard Dynamo Exhibitor Booth #906)

Learn to play Giga-Robo before it hits retail shelves in Q3 2017! Giga-Robo is the card-driven miniatures game of anime giant robot combat. Fight to the finish using custom-built hands of cards, combining powerful attacks, clever tactics, and epic finishing moves. Take command of one of six unique robots, pair it with your favorite pilot, and smash your opponents across a fully destructible city.

Godtear Open Play (Thursday & Saturday – Exploration Hall)

Open play for Godtear. Players can bring their Godtear models and play. Demos of Godtear available with miniatures provided.

Heavy Gear Blitz (Discovery Hall – Dream Pod 9 Exhibitor Booth #606)

Dream Pod 9 will be offering demo games of its flagship game Heavy Gear Blitz! At booth 606. Heavy Gear Blitz! Is a fast paced scifi mecha combat game featuring a low model count, alternating activations and a unique mission system.

Infinity Demos (Discovery Hall – Corvus Belli Exhibitor Booth #204)

Infinity is a science fiction skirmish game set about 175 years into the future. Infinity has a flexible order system, allowing involved gameplay for both players regardless of whose turn it is. All miniatures and supplies will be provided.

Kings of War: Learn and Play! (Discovery Hall – Mantic Games Exhibitor Booth #207)

Come and learn to play one of the armies of Mantica. Crush your opponent and start your journey into becoming one of the Warlords of Mantica!

Konflikt ’47 (Discovery Hall – Warlord Games Exhibitor Booth #200)

Konflikt ’47 is a standalone game inspired by the hugely successful Bolt Action, designed by Clockwork Goblin Miniatures and produced by Warlord Games and Osprey Publishing. Adding to the core rules that many gamers are familiar with from Bolt Action, Konflikt ’47 allows the addition of completely new types of units and models to existing 28mm Bolt Action armies and the creation of completely new forces set in the alternate future of 1947.

Malifaux Demos (Discovery Hall – Wyrd Games Exhibitor Booth #208)

Malifaux is a skirmish based miniature game based on an alternate 19th Century Earth. Malifaux blends Steam Punk, Fantasy, Horror and Western Genre in a unique and interesting way. It uses a card based rule system that adds a new level of resource management to your typical war game. Models provided.

A Song of Ice & Fire Demos (Thursday & Friday – Adventure Hall)

From the fantasy world created masterfully by George R.R. Martin, we bring you A Song of Ice & Fire. Each player will control one of the Great Houses of Westeros, commanding battlefield units, recruiting legendary Heroes, and manipulating the political stage, in the attempt to claim the greatest prize of all: The Iron Throne.

Rivenstone (All Weekend Long – Adventure Hall)

Broken Anvil Miniatures is thrilled to announce that we will be attending AdeptiCon this year, and we’re bringing a special present for attendees. Throughout the show, we will be demoing Rivenstone!

Not only that, we’ll also be giving away a free Rivenstone miniature to everyone who receives a demo or comes to chat with us about the game (while supplies last — but we’ll be bringing a lot!)

Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay – Learning the Ropes (Schaumburg Ballroom Foyer – Panda Cult Exhibitor Booth #608)

Come save the fantasy town of Barnacle Bay from the grips of the evil Axolotl, Elder Bane in this beginner scenario from the Kickstarter-funded, adventure board game, Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay!

Wargods of Aegyptus Demos (All Weekend Long – Adventure Hall)

WarGods of Ægyptus is a game of Mythological Fantasy – a world filled with vengeful gods and cunning priests, flashing swords and powerful sorcery, mighty heroes and nefarious villains. While a work of the imagination, the setting finds its roots in the history, and more importantly, the mythology of Ancient Egypt. However, the battles of the Harbingers take place before the dawn of time, and though you may find many of the names, places, and even some of the events similar to what you already know, don’t be fooled — no historian has ever set down the history you will find within the pages of WarGods of Ægyptus!

WARMACHINE/HORDES Demos (Discovery Hall – Privateer Press Exhibitor Booth #401)

The very earth shakes, as massive iron Warjacks and hulking Warbeasts slam into each other with cataclysmic force. Lead-spewing cannons chew through armor plating as easily as flesh. Bold heroes and warlocks set the battlefield ablaze with a tempest of arcane might to forge the fates of their unyielding nations in the fires of destruction. Keep an eye out for the roving Warmachine/Hordes demo tables in the halls and hallways throughout the weekend!