Welcome fellow traveler. If you’ve found yourself on this page, it means you have joined the noble ranks of the Ancient Order of AdeptiCon, that most venerable of esoteric societies. Your name now populates the vaunted rolls of the inducted and your contribution has been recorded in the great AdeptiLedger.

Rest well in the knowledge that your generosity and loyalty has secured the future of AdeptiCon for the next generation of hobbyists and gamers. AdeptiCon’s long and storied history could not have been even remotely possible without the loyalty of all our attendees, but you have risen to an elite level. So, once again, welcome to the Ancient Order of AdeptiCon. It is our privilege to have you take your place in the front rank of the phalanx, a place of great renown and honour. Your contribution is a legacy for the ages!

The High Council, Seventh Circle

Leman RussPrimarch of the Space Wolves