AdeptiCon 2022 Hotel Registration Date and Rates Announced, New Venue Added

We here at AdeptiCon hope everyone is enjoying a safe and relaxing summer, though we’re having trouble with the concept that it’s already August. The time of year when we start looking forward to AdeptiCon and begin ramping up our collective hobby projects. And although we continue to operate in uncertain times, AdeptiCon remains committed to ensuring that our return in 2022 is as safe and as responsible as we can possibly make it, for our attendees, exhibitors, and staff. To that end, we are happy to announce that we’ve finalized the decision to move forward and secure additional venue space for the 2022 convention, with the goal of creating more flexibility should we ultimately need it.

AdeptiCon will, in 2022, span two dedicated venues. Both state-of-the-art facilities are within two miles of each other (a roughly 5-10 minute drive). The first you know well, and the Schaumburg Renaissance Convention Center will remain our primary venue. We’re code naming this AdeptiCon Core. The new addition is the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, codenamed AdeptiCon Outer Rim. The Hyatt Regency adds roughly 200 convention-dedicated hotel rooms on peak nights, an almost extravagant 500 additional parking spaces, thousands of square feet for events, dedicated shuttle service, more dining options, and even a pool.

We are still working out the logistics as to what events will be held at which location, but all the major, larger events will remain at the Renaissance. Current thought is leaning towards seeing the Hyatt play host to the historical miniatures events and games, from Bolt Action to SAGA. But again, details are still being finalized and we intend to keep you informed as things develop.

But, on to the really important stuff. AdeptiCon 2022 convention hotel block opens for registration on Tuesday, August 24th at noon Central Time. The Schaumburg Renaissance Convention Center rates will be 135.00 per night and the block will initially open for a four-night booking. The Hyatt Regency will be 130.00 a night and be available for one or more nights.

As most of you are aware, these rooms have historically filled up rather quickly and we don’t foresee any derivation from that this year. In fact, things may actually book quicker. So, we highly recommend making your arrangements as soon as possible to ensure you have your first choice in accommodations. We have, once again, partnered with the hotels to make sure these are really great rates.

Finally, as always, we appreciate your continued patience. AdeptiCon 2022 has the potential to come back better than ever and we’re working to that end. So, get painting and stay safe. We will see you in March.