Registration and VIG Drawing Update

Registration for AdeptiCon is right around the proverbial corner. Unfortunately, the best laid plans for this year’s registration process have taken an unexpected turn. This year we spent countless hours working with Cvent and their new Flex platform in the hope that it would streamline the registration experience for our attendees. However, the new system is still lacking several key features/capabilities, and the clock has run out on implementing the new platform for this year’s registration on November 18th.

So, what does that mean for you?

Traditionally, the biggest problem has been the AdeptiCon VIG Badge Upgrade. With incredibly high demand, and very limited quantity, it often left attendees scrambling to adjust their carts due to the upgrade being sold out, often missing events in the process.

In order to alleviate this issue, eligibility for the AdeptiCon 2019 Very Important Gamer (VIG) Badge Upgrade will be handled through a drawing.

To participate, simply check the ‘Drawing for Very Important Gamer (VIG) Eligibility’ box during the first 6 hours of registration and complete the rest of the process as normal. Afterwards, names will be drawn randomly and the chosen attendees will then have the option to purchase the VIG upgrade.

Attendees who purchase a Premium Badge upgrade during registration, will be properly credited if they become eligible for a VIG upgrade.