Event submission for AdeptiCon 2017 is now open! Please complete the following form for each event/session you wish to run. We will do our best to accommodate and schedule all events, however here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Space and schedules are limited. Events that are new to AdeptiCon should be scaled appropriately to justify inclusion in the schedule based on space required and realistic attendance expectations. AdeptiCon will work with you to properly scale your event.
  • AdeptiCon reserves the right to refuse any event submission due to content or schedule/space saturation.
  • All required fields MUST BE fully completed when submitting this form. Incomplete submissions or submissions with placeholders will not be accepted.
  • Spell check your event descriptions!
  • Event rules are NOT required to submit an event, but they MUST be submitted by January 1st, 2017 in order to qualify for compensation.
  • Event fees (where applicable) are set and collected by AdeptiCon to help offset convention expenses. Feel free to suggest an event price in the Comments field at the end of this form.
  • Event Submission will close at 5PM CDT on October 7th, 2016.
  • You will receive an email after the schedule has been resolved in late October with your scheduling details.
  • If you have any questions, please get in touch!

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Event Details

Please enter the event details below. All of this information will be made public in the event listing.
Event Title:*
Please use the following guidelines when classifying your event:

  • Demo: An event where the sole purpose is teaching new players how to play the game. There are no costs associated with demos and they will not appear in the registration web cart. You are expected to provide all materials needed to play the game. Demos will have a dedicated area at the convention and a list of events will be posted onsite. AdeptiCon will not provide prize support for demos.

  • Event Game: Playing a game for the sake of playing the game! Some experience may be required. Generally all materials to play the game are provided, however some events may allow players to bring their own components. Event games will have a minimal cost associated with them for people who wish to guarantee their spot, however these games will be free onsite with the purchase of a Weekend Badge. AdeptiCon will not provide prize support for event games.

  • Tournament: Multi-round, sometimes multi-day events where numerous players compete for prizes. You are expected to provide the basic essentials for playing the game (terrain, missions, etc.), Tournaments will have a fee associated with them during registration and onsite. Events that meet attendance qualifications will receive prize and trophy support form AdeptiCon.
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This email and website will be used by attendees to directly contact you with questions concerning the event and obtain additional info about the event. They will be publicly published. If you do not add an email address here, questions will default to an AdeptiCon address.
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If you wish to submit any images, rules, logos or any other documentation supporting the event, please email them over to info@adepticon.org.

Event Scheduling

Please select a preferred and alternate day and time for this event. We are still working out the actual schedule, but currently the Morning Session will begin around 8AM, the Afternoon Session around 1PM and the Early Evening Session around 6PM - although this is subject to change. If you are running this event multiple times, please submit an additional form for each session.

IMPORTANT: Please include time for all setup, event check-in and award ceremonies in the Event Duration below.
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Game Master and Staff Info

Please enter your details below. None of this information will be made public and will only be used by AdeptiCon to facilitate the event.
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